Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Kickstart My Heart

Taking a break from my break to let you know about my new comic. Now, I realise this will only be of interest to a few of you, and no worries if that's not you. But if you've read any of my comics before - particularly the last one I released before my "retirement" from writing, Department of the Peculiar - you may be interested to know that the second story from that series is set to be released soon... if we achieve our publishing target on Kickstarter. The book was mostly written about five years ago (around the time the first story was published) but for one reason or another it's been on hold since then. However, my collaborator and all-round artistic genius Rob Wells has been pushing hard to get the story out there and drag me out of retirement, and the Kickstarter looks like it may just do that.

How is this relevant to a music blog? Well, the latest story is Department of the Peculiar Goes Pop, and it may be on interest to music fans beyond the normal comics fanbase. You can read much more about it here or click on the images below for a preview of the first three pages in which something very nasty happens to a bunch of musicians you may almost recognise...

If you fancy helping us on our way to our publishing target, all help will be gratefully received. But I won't hold it against you if you don't - this isn't for everybody, just the discerning few.

See you back here on Saturday for more Snapshots.


  1. Well done on getting to this point - Tough I know. As I think you know I did download your previous issues via Kindle but would be good to have a copy in print. I'll get onto that.

    Hopefully once you're installed in the new house there might be more time for writing (and not just for your blog) - Not a priority if you have a small child I know, but cross-fingers it might happen, as you have a rare talent.

  2. Another blogging buddy Rick is looking to find an artist for his own graphic novel. I mentioned you and your artist Rob so he asked me send on a link to his post - Duly done.


  3. Rol, I am so sorry, I had meant to comment on this earlier and then the moment slipped past and it all slipped out of my mind, only to return today! Just wanted to offer my congratulations and full support, absolutely love the look and sound of this and so chuffed that it's you! Such talent.
    Have just pledged too.

  4. Well, it arrived yesterday in the mail and what a joy to read those pages and admire the amazing artwork. Very much your style, which I totally recognise now, and oh so funny. Won't say more in case I offer up spoilers but well done and every success with it. Going to keep it pristine as could be a collector's item one day!

  5. Ah, I had the same idea as Alyson and have just come back to find this post to let you know the same! Thank you so much, I emailed Rob too. This is absolutely brilliant and you are both so talented. Like Alyson says, it's good to recognise your style. I'm super-impressed, congrats!