Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October #9 - The Coathangers

9. The Coathangers - Springfield Cannonball

I'm always excited when I find a post-2010 CD in the charity shop, especially if it looks vaguely alternative (i.e. it's not some X-Factor reject). If it's a quid fifty or less, I'll generally take a punt, even if I've never heard of the artist.

I was vaguely aware of the Coathangers; I'd noticed their latest album on emusic a couple of months before finding their 2014 disc Suck My Shirt (from which this track hails) in the local hospice shop. Turns out they've been around for a while: this was their 4th long player.

Because I buy a lot of music in charity shops (and far too much to ever listen to properly... maybe when I retire!), I often cherry pick tracks to create in-car compilations of new stuff. This was the random selection I chose and it'll definitely lead me to give the rest of the album more time... when things quieten down on the new release front (see my last post).

To me, the Coathangers sound like all the best (American) punk girl bands: the Runaways, the Go-Gos, the Donnas, L7, et al. Plus they look like the sort of band April from Parks & Recreation would love. Springfield Cannonball may be sound & fury signifying nothing... but sometimes, that's all you need in the car on the way to work...


  1. Hi Rol,

    Maybe it's just my computer acting up, but I can't see the usual youtube link.

    I said I'd let you know when I finally settled in to my new, quiet little corner of the web, so here's the address:


    I hope you'll drop in (if you're at all keen on "vintage" tunes.)

  2. Thanks, VS. Sometimes youtube links disappear as or before I post. Dunno why that happens, but I have spotted it before. Haven't had time to check in the blog since I posted this, so I hadn't noticed. Repaired now.

    Thanks also for the link to your blog. I'll definitely drop by and add you to my blogroll.

    1. Thanks for droppin in, Rol. I've turned the feed on, so you should be able to add the link now.


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