Saturday, 17 November 2018

Saturday Snapshots #59

Tommy used to work on the docks... but he soon packed that in when he discovered Saturday Snapshots. You know the deal by now - solve the ten clues below, artist and song title. They're all Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Keep The Faith!

10. Fishy lady needs litmus paper.

9. What Ernie writes on his best friend's Christmas present may help Juliet breathe more easily.

8. Scout's reclusive neighbour needs an alarm clock.

7. After Gill lazed, she complained about the weather.

6. "There's no place like home." That'll get in your eyes.

5. I'm going to dance like Elvis to my stolen Bobby Goldsboro record.

4. They're gonna shoot Van Morrison.

3. Santa brings crap presents for squares.

2. Ice cream for a Tiny Dick?*

1. Paying the cheque makes me feel old and dried up. Plus, it's raining.

(*Oh, like you wouldn't have used that clue. Don't pretend otherwise.)

I'll Be There For You with the answers tomorrow morning. Until then... Have A Nice Day.


  1. 7 - Ella Fitzgerald (anagram) - Baby It's Cold Outside?

  2. 9 is Steve Forbet - Romeo's Tune

  3. 2 - Little Richard - Tutti Frutti

    Better try and go for some of the more recent ones now.

  4. 8: Wake Up Boo! by The Boo Radleys

  5. 8 - The Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo

  6. 8 - Boo Radley - Wake up Boo

  7. 4 - The Killers - Mr Brightside!

    1. No - Change that to The Man but both kinda appropriate

    2. You were right first time.

    3. Thought I was being overly cruel about Van but obviously not. As for Ella's weather song just too many so will leave that one to someone else. Off to finish my first college assignment in 36 years!

  8. 6: Dust in the Wind by Kansas (fun reference to Wizard of Oz!)

  9. 3 - Could it be early Bangles?

  10. No 1 - see you didn't go for the duck in a microwave clue!

  11. 3) is L7 - is the song Shitlist? (great clue if so!)


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