Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Top Ten Glory Songs

I have finally completed my PGCE - glory, hallelujah!

10. Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love

Yes, I am a teenager of the 80s - and proud of it. 

From Karate Kid Part II, in case you were trying to remember.

The Chicago frontman has one EVIL stare in this video. Those are almost BOWIE eyes.

9. Johnny Cash - This Train Is Bound For Glory

A Woody Guthrie anthem that offers a counterpoint to our #2 song. 

8. Leonard Cohen - Morning Glory

Even by Lenny's own bizarre standards, this one's madness.
Is it censorship?
No, it's evaporation.
Ten extra marks if you can even begin to explain what this is about.

7. Ron Sexsmith - Former Glory


6. Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory

You know you'd have moaned if this hadn't been here. Yes, you would. Don't try to deny it.
I'm a colt in your stable
I'm what Cain was to Abel
Mister Catch Me If You Can
From Young Guns Part II, in case you were trying to remember. I bet Jon By Jovi was bloody cold filming that video.

5. The Clash - Death Or Glory

Just another story...
Now every cheap hood strikes a bargain with the world
And ends up making payments on a sofa or a girl...
I suppose I could have quoted the lyric about nuns... but I'll leave that to #2.

4. Kathleen Edwards - I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory

A songwriting partnership hits the ropes. Classic Kathleen.
You're cool and cred like Fogerty
I'm Elvis Presley in the 70's
You're Chateauneuf, I'm Yellow Label
You're the buffet, I'm just the table
I'm a Ford Tempo, you're a Maserati
3. Frank Turner - Glory Hallelujah

Put your hands together for Frank's atheist gospel anthem. 

2.  Pulp - Glory Days

The closing track of the greatest album of the 90s. In My Humble Opinion.
Oh and I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it, and I,
I could do anything if only I could get round to it.
Oh, we were brought up on the Space-Race,

Now they expect you to clean toilets.
When you've seen how big the world is,

How can you make do with this?
1. Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days

One of the very best songs of the 80s. If I close my eyes and listen to it now, I can only remember the good parts of being a teenager...
Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory of... 
Well, time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister 
But boring stories of glory days

Which one fills you with glory?

P.S. Glorious songs have been saved for another post. Don't mither.


  1. Okay you covered all three that I thought of :)

    But no Liam and Noel Gallagher (ducking for cover) LOL

    1. It's not unheard of for Oasis to make a rare appearance round these parts... but not today. ;-)

  2. It's not in the title but is a major component of the chorus: Killing Joke's Europe. "Glory, glory! How we wait! Glory, glory! How we watch! Europe!"

    1. And that's Steve's Killing Joke Kontribution of the week. Always gratefully received.

  3. How about 'An American Trilogy' by Elvis (glory, glory hallelujah, etc.)?

    1. Good call. I'll allow that, even though it doesn't have glory in the title.

  4. Well I been going "GLORIA, always on the run now, Leave them hangin' on the line, calling Gloriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" ever since I saw the top ten title and yes, I know.... it doesn't count...mine never do LOL

  5. OH says "Death or Glory" - Motorhead and on checking , it does indeed seem to be a totally different kettle of fish to the Clash!

    He also says "righteous glory" manowar - which apparently is 'Viking music' - (Yes, I have to live with this shite!)

    and "Bound for Glory" Rose Tattoo - which youtibe informs me is actually by Angry Anderson but OH assures me he has mellowed a lot these days.

    1. We need some more Viking music in this blog. I will investigate further.


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