Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Top Ten Time Songs

There are hundreds of songs about time... but these are all called Time, and nothing else.

We'll deal with some of the others... when I have the time.

10. Marion - Time

Hey, remember Marion?

No, me neither.


9. Dennis Wilson - Time

From the classic solo album Pacific Ocean Blue that proved Dennis to be more than just Brian's brother.

8. Ben Folds - Time
And in time I will fade away
In time I won't care what you say
In time, but time takes time you know
7. Pink Floyd - Time

Other people would have placed this much higher, I have no doubt. Maybe even at Number One.

Me, sorry, I never had that much time for the Floyd...

6. Codeine Velvet Club - Time
A toast to life and its bitter ironies.
5. INXS - Time
Well, it's only time.
It's only that makes you... 
It's only time that breaks you.
As with a lot INXS lyrics, you can look back now and hear a lot of foresight.

4. Supergrass - Time

Not listened to this in years... it brings back memories of good times.

3. Tom Waits - Time

Wonderfully smokey, late night storytelling.

2. Freddie Mercury - Time

Could have been Number One, just for being Freddie. But time waits for nobody... not even him. From the musical of the same name, written by Dave Clark.

1. David Bowie - Time
Time, he flexes like a whore
Falls wanking to the floor
Indeed. Apparently they released that as a single in America without any edits because nobody knew what wanking was.

Which do you have most Time for?


  1. OK I know this is a bit of a cheat, but I took a real liking to Easystar All Stars reggae version of Pink Floyd's fact the whole album Dub Side of the Moon is a corker!

    1. Thank you. Having listened to that, I can confirm it is both far more enjoyable and slightly less annoying than the original.

      In my own, humble, completely biased against flying pigs, opinion.

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, yes, they should have received a special mention.

  3. Time after time Cyndi Lauper. I'm a total teen of the 80s! But I do love most Floyd, mainly early rather than later: I've got a bike and all that!

    1. Sorry, much as I love Cyndi, that gets disqualified on the basis of not following the rules. I'll find room for it one day.

    2. I was rather hoping the ref was looking the other way at the time


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