Friday, 16 August 2013

My Top Ten Frog Songs

Ten songs to get you hopping around on your lily pad...

Special mentions to Toad The Wet Sprocket, Toadies, and, erm, Froggy Fresh.

10. Presidents of the United States of America - Froggie
Froggie jumped all over the stage that day
Mick Jagger kissin' Froggie's lips 

Studying films of Froggie's hips
His eyes are closed cause he's off in a world of ecstacy
Where Froggie folks get the froggie scene
And Froggie jumped all over the stage that day
Watch him jump!
I wish I'd made those lyrics up. 

9. The Flaming Lips - I Can Be A Frog

The Lips go all Sesame Street.

See also Frogs, which is slightly less kiddy-friendly.

8. Peter Grabriel - Kiss That Frog

I'm not sure how to break this to you, but when Peter asks you to kiss his frog... he isn't talking about a frog. (You may, on further consideration, prefer to kiss an actual frog.)

7. Wynder K. Frog - Dancing Frog

He wasn't actually a frog. Proof of that here.

6. Bruce Springsteen - Froggy Went A' Courtin'

Could this be the oldest song I've ever featured in a Top Ten? According to Bruce, he's traced its origins back to Scotland in 1549. Yeah, almost ten to four!

If you want any more, you can sing it yourself.

5. The Handsome Family - The Song of a Hundred Toads

Look, Toads are frogs.  It says so on! Don't say I don't do my research.

4. Three Dog Night - Joy To The World

Starring Jeremiah, the wine-drinking bullfrog. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea...

Best thing I know about Three Dog Night? (Only thing I know about Three Dog Night?) Their name derives from an old Aborigine expression about how you keep warm in the desert on really cold nights.

3. Paul McCartney - We All Stand Together

Say what you like about Sir Thumbs Aloft, he knows how to write an annoyingly catchy novelty record.

How can you hate The Frig Chorus? Macca doesn't even sing on it!

2. The Divine Comedy - The Frog Princess

A song full of plot twists, from a very unreliable narrator - Neil Hannon at his best.
You don't really love me
And I don't really mind
'Cos I don't love anybody
That stuff is a just a waste of time...
Your place or mine?
1. Belle & Sebastian - Funny Little Frog

Good news - Stuart Murdoch has found his dream woman! A pity she only exists in his overactive imagination...
You're my picture on the wall.
You're my vision in the hall,
You're the one I'm talking to,
When I get in from my work,
You are my girl, and you don't even know it,
I am living out the life of a poet,
I am the jester in the ancient court,
And you're the funny little frog in my throat.
 Also recorded by B&S side-project God Help The Girl. Also excellent.

Which one makes you want to croak?


  1. Not for the first time my Killing Joke back catalogue has completely let me down.

  2. What about The Ghosts of Ladbroke Toad?

  3. I got nothing extra to add...I only had Froggy Went a Courtin (but had no idea that the boss had a go at it) and Joy to the World....but then again, I have been thinking about dogs for my blog (excuse my shameless self promotion there)

  4. I can forgive any list that contains The Divine Comedy....

  5. Prepare to groan as I suggest "At The Hop" by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers...

    1. Come back soon for my Top Ten Hop Songs... maybe... if I can get my computer to wheedle out at all the Hope Songs first.


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