Monday, 14 October 2013

My Top Ten Daddy Songs

Still looking for songwriterly advice on being a dad, now I'm a daddy cool... 

10. Cliff Richard - Daddy's Home

I'd like to apologise... for having no shame. Seriously, though, if you can find another video that SCREAMS 80s camp more than this... while simultaneously being exceedingly creepy... I want to see it.

Look, it was this or more Eminem: My Dad's Gone Crazy (which, after choosing Cliff, you probably think I have). Eminem fans - come back next week.

9. Johnny Cash - Daddy Sang Bass

The Man In Black had a lighter side.

On a similar note, see Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice by Mozzer.

8. Naomi Bedford - Daddy's Got A Gun

I picked this up as a free download on Amazon a while back. I must investigate Naomi Bedford further... this is a cracker!

7. Prince - Daddy Pop

Let's all celebrate a Prince song that's actually on youtube! Hooray!

6. The Lemonheads - C'mon, Daddy

A song about confused parenthood. As is this...

5. Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy

 I love the 80s. See also Billie Jean, obviously. "The kid is NOT my son!"

4. The Divine Comedy - Your Daddy's Car

 No, son, you can't borrow the car keys.

3. Nilsson - Daddy's Song

Fathers who desert their children feature heavily in another Top Ten I'm compiling. The experience obviously had a powerful effect on little Harry N.

2. Elvis Presley - Don't Cry, Daddy

On his own recent compilation of Daddy-related tunes, Deano claimed that "this song makes you realise how good Elvis’s voice actually was". I couldn't agree more. And whenever I hear it, I get a little bit sad that we live in a cynical, post-ironic age that might laugh at a song written from the perspective of a child who's lost his mum, trying to cheer up his broken-hearted father. This is a beautiful record.

1. Loudon Wainwright III - Being A Dad

Rufus and Martha have had much to say about their father's incessant need to chronicle their childhood in song... not always positive. This is the guy who famously wrote Rufus Is A Titman, about his baby son's penchant for breastfeeding (did that put Rufus off tits for life?), and Daughter (you ask me, Martha got off lightly!) But Being A Dad must surely be his crowning glory...
Bein' a dad isn't so bad
Except that you gotta feed 'em
You gotta shoe 'em and clothe 'em
And try not to loathe 'em
Bug 'em and hug 'em and heed 'em

Bein' a dad can sure make you mad
Man, it even can drive you crazy
It's as hard as it looks
You gotta read them dumb books
And you end up despising Walt Disney

Who's your daddy?


  1. XTC - Hold Me My Daddy. I bet Andy Partridge is a great dad.

    1. For a second there, I thought you said "Alan Partridge..."

  2. So why isn't Daddy Cool in there? Confuzzled.

    I like don't cry daddy (Elvis) but then I like most Elvis, but then it's probably not the sentiment you are looking for.

    1. Because it's not that cool. Sorry.

      Ahem... #2.

  3. Loudon's always brilliant. I imagine him being like Calvin's dad, telling his kids the wind is trees sneezing. When you do your top ten lesbian songs you gotta include IWIWAL...

    As for daddy songs, I think Mark Knopfler's Cannibals is kind of sweet.

    1. Not heard that Knopfler song before, but I love it - thanks, Paddy.

  4. Who would have guessed so many great artists sang about Daddy...nothing to add

  5. Oh, another one. Been educating myself on the early work of Bill Withers, and came across this one: I'm Her Daddy.

    1. Also very good - love Bill Withers. I particularly like that one where he shoots himself at the end of the song.

    2. Aye, that'll be "Better off Dead". He got a bit lounge-singery later (although "Lovely Day" is a gorgeous bit of lounge singing), but early on, he's like Bruce Springsteen only funky.

  6. Good list, with a mixture of songs that I know, and songs that I can go exploring whenever I get a spare moment.

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