Wednesday, 16 November 2016

November #4 - One Sore Audience

4. Audience - Seven Sore Bruises

Back in the late 90s, I was very much taken with the debut album of pop-indie act theaudience (sic), fronted by Sophie Ellis Bextor: Janet's daughter, who would go on enjoy to a chequered, sometimes interesting career in the mainstream pop world.  This was one of their best songs.

This post, however, is not about that band.

Instead it's about a "British art rock" combo from the early 70s who released four albums, the last of these being Lunch, from where today's track hails.

I wish I could tell you I knew more about this band or had heard any more of their music. Sadly,  today time only permits me to write a post about the one song of theirs I do know, Seven Sore Bruises.

I came across this song via the blogosphere a few years back and stuck it on one of the random in-car compilations I create to help me discover new tracks that are hiding in my collection. I liked it a lot - enough to feature it here - although I honestly thought it was a lost Northern Soul anthem rather than a "British art rock" nugget. So we all learned something new today.

No video today as the song isn't on yotube. You can listen to it at the link below...

Audience - Seven Sore Bruises


  1. I'm old enough to remember Audience (Sometimes the band's name was printed wrongly in gig posters as The Audience but that was considered a major faux pas. Sadly, there were people who mistakenly put "The" in front of band names which didn't have a "The" - The Cream being the worst example - and that would brand them as 'Forever Uncool'! My mate Les was a fan and I do remember the front cover of their album "House On The Hill" caught my attention but I don't recall any of their songs. I'll get me coat...

    1. Ah, one of THOSE bands. Like Eels. Always wonder if, bands like that, their missing The ends up with Matt Johnson.


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