Tuesday, 15 November 2016

November #5 - Tom Brosseau Takes A Trip With His Grandma

5. Tom Brosseau - A Trip To Emerado

I'm not sure how to pigeonhole Tom Brosseau: I've heard his music called folk, I've heard it called country, even Americana. But really, it's just a guy and his guitar telling little stories. Nothing too earth-shaking, but it's the minutiae in his lyrics that makes his songs so beguiling. I say "songs", and Brosseau does sing, but he also talks... and I think I like his talky tracks more than the ones where he stretches his vocal chords. I first came across him a year ago when Cerys played his haunting shaggy dog story Hard Luck Boy on 6music. Now he's back with another new album (there's been quite a few) and I'm most taken by the trip he takes here across North Dakota in his grandma's car. There's room in the back if you want to come along...

Tom Brosseau - A Trip To Emerado

(No video today as it's not on youtube. Here it is on bandcamp.)

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