Tuesday, 8 November 2016

November #7 - Car Seat Headrest Win Song Title of the Year

7. Car Seat Headrest - (Joe Gets Kicked Out of School for Using) Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn't A Problem)

This is Will Toledo...

Will is in a band called Car Seat Headrest, so named because he used to record his songs in the back seat of his car: "for privacy" and also, possibly, to give them an interesting acoustic quality. The band used to be just Will, and between 2010 and 2015, he released 8 albums on Bandcamp before getting a deal with Matador. Since then he's released two more. Now he's got an actual band. I first heard one of his records on 6Music when Katie Puckrick was doing a show on power-pop, a genre I've always enjoyed. Will flits between genres though and he's not just a power-popper.

Drugs With Friends is from Will's latest album, Teens of Denial, which came out just a few months ago. Apparently, when he was younger he always thought drugs would be a key element of being a rock musician, but when he tried them he just felt sick. This track is kinda Dandy Warhols meets Eels. I think it's pretty cool.
Last Friday I took acid and mushrooms I did not transcend, I felt like a walking piece of shit In a stupid looking jacket
I walked around town and thought I was in Sodom
There were filthy people seeking comfort for their bodies
It was so obscene

Filled with loathing and religious fervour
I laid on my friend’s bedroom floor for an hour
And tried not to piss my pants

And then I saw Jesus...

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