Monday, 3 December 2018

My Top 18 Albums of 2018 #18

Time to count down my favourite records of 2018, and, as I did last year, I'm going to limit myself to 18 words per album. (Well, last year I did it in 17 words, but you get the idea.) I'll also link back to a previous post where I've written more extensively about the same record... I reckon if you've got time to read this drivel every day, you can easily spare a bit more to re-read drivel I wrote months ago.

Let's start with the only one of my 18 choices that I haven't written about before... although it's a record I've kept coming back to over the last 6 months or so. I have to admit, I got a new respect for this artist following her likably ditzy performance in the Netflix comedy/drama Glow.

18. Kate Nash - Yesterday Was Forever

A clear love of 80s girl-pop infuses these fun, sexy, witty tunes... Kirsty MacColl would be proud.

See also Drink About You and Hate You (where Kate goes full-on psycho).

Next... taxi for Mr. Bonzo!


  1. Not an album (or artist) I know, but a Kirsty MacColl comparison automatically makes it worthy of investigation.

  2. Her voice reminds me a bit of Lily Allen. I just googled the comparison and apparently many others think so too. Look forward to the rest of the countdown!

  3. Yup, the Kirsty reference got me exploring too.
    Do like it, but her voice just grates my ears a bit.

    Reminds me - I must start assembling my list

  4. I think the Lily Allen comparison is largely because they both sing (and at times rap) in a London accent (which may grate the ears slightly). While I have some time for Lily Allen, I find her a little arrogant at times, whereas Kate Nash seems a lot more natural and self-deprecating. She's also demonstrating - particularly on this record - a wider musical palette... or at least one that dips more into the past (80s pop, guitars, musical theatre) whereas LA seems more determined to stay contemporary, which sometimes limits her appeal to grumpy old ears.

  5. It wasn't a negative criticism of Nash, just a casual observation. But thanks for the bonus review!

    1. Didn't take it as negative... but when I'm limiting myself to only 18 word reviews, sometimes the comment box is my saviour!


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