Saturday, 26 September 2020

Saturday Snapshots #156


If your brain is M*A*S*H*ed on a Saturday morning after another week of living through the horizon-less half life of our current existence... here's something to take your mind of it for a few seconds.

Identify ten top tunes and them what sang them from the clues below. You may need to be Hawkeyes... 

10. Maternal advice from Larry... or Indiana. 

9. Laine too long on the beach? That's why your clock went missing. 

8. Lindsay Anderson's conditional in sad notes.

7. Tune in with the end of your sleeve.

6. Caught in lessons.

5. A tiny one thousandth, suckers! 

4. Tyger cubs found in septic tank.

3. Royal pooches reluctantly join #6.

2. Looking for a different bloke? Choose a frisky one who's into ideologies.

1. Foxy chef can't tell you when the Battle of Hastings happened.

Ignore what they say. Suicide isn't painless... so join me here again tomorrow morning for the answers.


  1. 3 Korgis Eveybodys Got To Learn Sometime

  2. 6. Busted - What I go to school for.

  3. 5. Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop

  4. 2, Randy Edelman - Uptown Uptempo Woman

  5. 4. The Blake Babies - Cesspool

  6. 9 - Sandy Denny: Who Knows Where The Time Goes

  7. 1. Sam Cooke - (What a) Wonderful World

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you.

      The end of your sleeve is a cuff - so #7 is Roy Acuff. Is the song something about radio?

    2. FBCB I can only think of three songs, none of which seem to be relevant to today

    3. I'm surprised you don't know the song, George, as Bruce Springsteen plays it every week on his radio show. I'm sure you're an avid listener.

  9. I can only think of "wreck on the highway" "the great speckled bird" and "wabash canonball"

    1. You need to turn your radio on more often, George.


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