Sunday, 20 September 2020

Saturday Snapshots #155 - The Answers


Well, we're still here. New blogger hasn't deleted the answers... yet.

Better read them quick though...

10. Margot & Joan relocate to Washington... visiting a beautiful symbol of freedom on the way.

Margot Fonteyn & Joan Fontaine move to Washington DC, visiting the Liberty Belle along the way (so I guess they went via Philly).

9. Marx writes about honey oaks... while the Queen gives thanks.

Their name was based on political writing by Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci.

Honey oaks would contain wood bees.

Aretha was the Queen of Soul.

8. I'm a hearty rug... and I need a tipple.

"I'm a hearty rug" was an anagram.

7. Often found in a Hitchcock movie: a stout draught.

Hitchcock movies often contain a twist or two.

Draughts are Checkers, so a stout draught would be a...

6. Two tins. How rude!

5. Punctuated by nemeses of spiders or captains... ducts run dry.

A question mark is punctuation.

Spider-Man fought Mysterio, Captain Scarlet fought The Mysterons.

4. Top up twice, like an old court and Joan... the answer's obvious, darling.

Top up twice = two fills.

The Old Bailey.

Joan Collins.

The answer is... easy, lover.

3. Losing their religion... but still very compassionate.

2. A Big Spender or a Big Daddy... and their business. Triple pity.

Shirley Bassey was looking for a Big Spender.

Shirley Crabtree was Big Daddy.

1. Spotlight on part of a 6 pack, bleating.

Ab(s) are part of a 6 pack. Bleating is what sheep do... baa.

The spotlight has beams that are gonna blind me...

Rosario Dawson is too cool for silly puns. See you back here next week (new blogger permitting)...

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