Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Top Ten Cycling Songs

For Sir Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton and the rest of Britain's amazing Olympic cycling team...

10. Nazareth - My White Bicycle

Yes, Nazareth.

9. Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles

Yes, Nazareth and Katie Melua - in the same Top Ten. Deal with it!

My favourite youtube comment about this video is: "I bet she needs to wash her hair now."

8. Anita Ward - Ring My Bell

Because I knew there'd be complaints if I didn't include it. Personally, I'd have rather have this.

7. The Maccabees - Bicycles

6. The Decemberists - Apology Song

Colin Meloy's apology is to his friend Steven. Colin was supposed to be looking after Steve's bike while Steve was in England but he didn't do a very good job. Somebody nicked it.

The bike was called Madeleine.

5. Elbow - Puncture Repair

4. Tom Waits - Broken Bicycles

Broken bicycles
Old busted chains
Rusted handle bars
Out in the rain.
Somebody must
Have an orphanage for
These things that nobody
Wants any more.

3. Kraftwerk - Tour De France

2. Ballboy - Olympic Cyclist

I should really have included this on my Top Ten Olympic Songs, but the truth is, despite having a fair chunk of Ballboy's back catalogue in my music collection, I hadn't heard this track until The Vinyl Villain featured it last week. Thanks, JC.

1. Queen - Bicycle Race

Yes, the video might appear sexist to our enlightened 21st Century eyes, but in its defence:

1) It was the 70s.

2) It was the brainchild of the gayest man in rock. (Freddie, I love you.)

3) Steve probably loves it.

No, I couldn't bring myself to include The Pushbike Song by The Mixtures. Give me a break, will you?

Apart from that... which song rings your bell?


  1. What a pity they weren't riding choppers...

    Bike Ride To The Moon - The Dukes of Stratosphear.

  2. I was singing the push bike song as I clicked on the link and I'm thoroughly dissappointed. Go to your room and think hard about what you have done. When you are ready to include it, you may come out.

    What about 'this charming man?' :punctured bycycle on a hillside desolate. Does that make it not cycling because it needs fixing first?!

  3. Honestly, here I am trying to bring a bit of cred into you people's musical lexicons, and all you ever want is the lowest common denominator novelty hits! Wasn't Anita Ward enough for you? Eh? Eh? Eh?

    Oh, and I considered This Charming Man, but I'm trying to avoid picking a Smiths song for EVERY Top Ten.

    (But one point for the Dukes of Stratosphear, Steve.)

  4. Daisy, daisy... my record collection doesn't go back quite that far. ;-)


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