Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Top Ten 'Getting Better' Songs

Because every day, in every way, we're all trying to get better...

10. The Turtles - Can I Get To Know You Better?

Or "the Toitles" as they're introduced here.

9. Booth & The Bad Angel - Life Gets Better

That's Tim Booth and Angelo Badalamenti, from their odd, creepy 1996 collaboration album.

8. Fun. - It Gets Better

Not as good as many of the other tracks on their debut album (eg. Some Nights, We Are Young etc.), but still better than most other bands troubling the singles chart this year.

7. The Beatles - Getting Better

Too obvious to ignore. But the Wedding Present cover is far more to my liking these days. And the Ultrasound cover's a belter too.

6. Prefab Sprout - When You Get To Know Me Better
If ever you wonder why I write this blog, it's because it makes me dig through my record collection and rediscover lost gems such as this one...

I can tell you'd like to love me,
But you haven't known me long
And you don't yet know the ways I'll find
To hurt and do you wrong
I'm a man with one small weakness,
Any woman in a dress
When you get to know me better
You'll learn to love me less

5. Mull Historical Society - You Can Get Better

Good to see Colin MacIntyre back in action with the first MHS album in eight years.

Check out lead single The Lights and recent follow-up Must You Get Low to hear more.

4. D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better

You may be surprised to find this get such a high place on my chart. But as disposable 90s pop goes, this is way better than 95% of its rivals. Plus: Professor Brian Cox on keyboards! What else do you need?

3. Shed Seven - Getting Better

Much better than Oasis.

2. Mama Cass - It's Getting Better

Timeless. As is the Kevin Rowland version. Sadly, I can't find that online.

1. Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip - Get Better

Should you have access to a teenager, I suggest locking them in a room with this song until they're at least 21.

Those were mine... can you get better?


  1. Sadly the Prefab Sprout link didn't seem to work...but the rest were a revelation, apart from D:Ream which I've never felt the same about since Tony Blair stole the joy from it...

  2. Agreed - forget the War Crimes, he has so much else to answer for.

    Sprout link is now fixed, I hope.

  3. Yeah, Prof Brian. He always makes thing better. He even makes the end of the universe sound OK.

    1. The end of the universe always sounds like a good idea to me.

  4. It's me ... can't get past The Kinks again!

    Here's wishing you the bluest sky,
    And hoping something better comes tomorrow.
    Hoping all the verses rhyme,
    And the very best of choruses to
    Follow all the doubt and sadness.
    I know that better things are on the way.

    Here's hoping all the days ahead
    Wont be as bitter as the ones behind you.
    Be an optimist instead,
    And somehow happiness will find you.
    Forget what happened yesterday,
    I know that better things are on the way.


    1. Kinks are always welcome round these parts, DVD.


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