Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Top Ten Naked Songs

Well, after we stripped together... it's only natural that we explore our birthday suits.

10. Reef - Naked

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1995.

9. Super Furry Animals - Crazy Naked Girls

Quite mental, even by Super Furry standards.

8. Roy Harper - Naked Flame
I'm sorry that you thought of us as painful and superfluous
But please don't think I'm that thick skinned to want my seed in any old wind
I can't believe we'll just exist as figments of each others past
Where is it at to get to this, when lawyers lurk where lovers kiss?
Wow. Where do I begin?

7. John Mellencamp - Dance Naked

Not advisable unless you want everyone laughing at your jiggling bits.

6. Radiohead - Nude
Don't get any big ideas
They're not gonna' happen!
Aw, come on, Thom - join in with everybody else.
You go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking!
Fair enough. That's me told, then.

5. Jackson Browne - The Naked Ride Home
Just take off your clothes and I'll drive you home...
...yeah, how's that line working for you, Jackson?

4. Crosby & Nash - Naked In The Rain

There is, sadly, a far more well known record that shares this title. Unfortunately, it's the worst kind of abysmal 90s dance horrorshow. So you'll have to make do with Dave and Graham instead.

3. Richard Hawley - Naked in Pitsmoor

Pitsmoor isn't one of the more glamorous areas of Sheffield. Chances are Mr. Hawley is naked there because someone nicked his clobber.

2. Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

See, if you're gonna steal part of your tune from elsewhere, you can do so much worse than The Tra-la-la Song by the Banana Splits.

This is a very sexy song even despite all that.

1. Lloyd Cole - Undressed

All hail the mighty LC, with one of his greatest opening lines...
You look so good when you're depressed...
After that, and the bit where his girlfriend never locks the bathroom door... how could I not make this Number One?

OK, you can put your clothes back on now.

No, really.


  1. Hi...Not too much to add beyond what you already have here. But I would suggest:
    Naked Flame - The Cruel Sea
    ..and seeing you went to 1995 with Reef, how about Naked and Famous by the Presidents of the USA?

    1. The Presidents did come very close, but the Cruel Sea are new to me, so thanks for that.

  2. Haha. My day is made...Lloyd Cole number one...

    1. I do get one right every now and then.

  3. Can't believe I'm suggesting this one: Britney Spears - Get Naked (I Got A Plan).

  4. Always happy to see a bit of Ida Maria.

    Any room for Strip by Adam Ant? Not his finest work, but very fitting...

    1. Actally no, because that was already in your stripping ten, wasn't it? Doh.

    2. Yes - do keep up. ;-)


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