Monday, 8 July 2013

My Top Ten Going Out Songs

"Do you want to go out with me?"

A question I never actually plucked up the courage to ask...

Special mention to This Charming Man, who would go out tonight but he hasn't got a stitch to wear.

10. Francis & The Lights - Going Out

According to Iffypedia, "Francis and the Lights is the stage name of American songwriter Francis Farewell Starlite."

So, let me get this straight... his real name is stagier than his stage name?

9. The Human League - The Stars Are Going Out

One of Louise's friends lives across the road from Phil Oakey. Fact!

8. Little Anthony & The Imperials - Going Out Of My Head

No. Indeed. They do not make them like this anymore.

7. Tom Waits - Goin' Out West
Well my friends think I'm ugly
I got a masculine face
Count yourself lucky, Tom. People say I look like a girl. A pretty ugly girl. 

6. Kirsty MacColl - (I'm Going Out With An) 80 Year Old Millionaire
He won't last much longer if he keeps drinking gin
I filled up the bottle that's marked medicine
He says that he'll leave all his empire to me
And sitting on top is the best place to be
So don't get impatient now boys you must wait
We'll all have such fun when I own the estate
Britt's got her toy boys but I don't care
'Cos I'm going out with an 80 year old millionaire
Ah, Kirsty, how we miss you.

5. Spearmint - We're Going Out

Shirley Lee: Godlike Genius. 
I know nothing seems to excite you anymore
I know it feels like you've got nothing to look forward to
But it's OK - everybody feels like that somethimes
It's just a phase we're going through, that's all

Put your coat on - we're going out!
4. Supergrass - Going Out

Any father's worst nightmare. Your daughter's going out on her first date, there's a knock at the door, and who should be standing there but one of the scruffy, long-haired muppets from Supergrass looking like they haven't had a bath since before the last Olympics. I'm glad we're having a boy...

3. Younger Younger 28s - We're Going Out
Lipstick, cigarette, packet of three... we're going out.
YY28s: should have been massive.

2. Cypress Hill - Ain't Goin' Out Like That

I suspect the definition of "going out" in this song has little to do with dinner and a movie.

Wins many extra points, however, for the line...
Outlaw, I'll kick ya like Billy Ray... Cypress... Hill
1. Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Can we all be upstanding for one of the greatest opening lyrics in the history of pop...?
Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street...

Which one would you go out with?


  1. great choice for number one!!!

  2. Can't beat Joe Jackson.

    Or Supergrass.

    All I can think of is the old Why Don't You theme tune from the 70s / early 80s... something about "why don't you go out and do something a little less boring instead". But it's possible I misremember.

    1. "Why don't you just switch off your television set and got out and do something less boring instead?"

      No wonder that show got cancelled.

  3. I love the we're not going out theme tune

    Could this get an honourable mention? she's definitely not going out - hey baby, it's cold outside!

    1. I prefer the Robert Palmer version.

  4. It's a "go out" rather than a "going out" but can I shoe-horn in Go Out And Get 'Em Boy by the mighty Wedding Present?

    1. You'll never find me objecting to Mr. Gedge.

  5. I know I fail at every count, but an honourable mention to the Shangri-Las on the basis that 'Leader of the Pack's first line is 'Is she really going out with him?' and it's a great song. And a second mention for the fantastic Jilted John who sang 'I've been going out with a girl'

    I'd always vote for Joe Jackson anyway...Gordon is a moron

    1. Much as I love Leader of the Pack, I can't hear it without being reminded of Julian Clary's version...

      "Is he picking you up after school?"

      "No, I don't go to school anymore - I'm 28 now."


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