Monday, 29 July 2013

My Top Ten Sloth Songs (Seven Deadly Sins #4)

Yawn. I really can't be bothered introducing the fourth deadly sin...

10. Oasis - The Importance Of Being Idle

Yes, I chose an Oasis song. It's not completely unheard of. I reckon this is one of their best, perhaps because it owes far more to The Kinks than The Beatles. Plus I like Rhys Ifans in the video... but more on that later.

9. The Charlatans - Can't Get Out Of Bed

See also Can't Get Up by Supergrass, I Should Get Up by Teddy Thompson and, of course, Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed by Matt Bianco. Give it time, I'll do a whole Top Ten of them.

8. Moxy Früvous - The Lazy Boy

Ah, Moxy. Whatever happened?
I have a life of pleasure
I am submerged in armchair leisure
I put my feet on the ottoman....empire!
7. Belle & Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane

Another infamous lazybones, Stuart Murdoch did write most of his most famous songs in his bedroom. See also Sleep The Clock Around and We Are The Sleepyheads

6. Suede - Lazy 
Here they come, gone 7am
Getting satellite and Sky, getting cable,
Bills and Bens and their mums and their friends
Who just really, really want to be loved,
Uncle Teds and their legendary vests
Helping out around the disabled,
From the flats and the maisonettes
They're reminding us there's things to be done.
Nothing lazy about those lyrics.

See also the gorgeous One Lazy Morning by Brett Anderson, solo (i.e. the rest of the band stayed in bed).

5. The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

As in "Lazing on a..."

Poor old Ray, the taxman's taken everything he's got.

See also Dead End Street... then go listen to that Oasis song again. (Lazy Noel even nicked the video from Ray & Dave.)

4. The Supernaturals - Lazy Lover

What a bunch of lazy bleeders the Supernaturals were - not only lazy lovers who can't be bothered getting into bed... but when they eventually do, they moan I Wasn't Built To Get Up. They can't even stay awake in their videos.

See also this little ditty from The Auteurs, who have apparently been married to The Supernaturals for 20 years.

3. The Small Faces - Lazy Sunday

Probably should have been Number One... but I just couldn't be bothered.
Gor blimey, hello, Mrs. Jones - how's your Burt's lumbago?
2. Morrissey - Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning

When it came time to select songs about sloth, Morrissey was obviously going to feature. Take your pick from The Lazy Sunbathers or All The Lazy Dykes... but this one's my favourite: quintessential Mozzer... 
Please don't worry
There'll be no fuss
She was... nobody's nothing

When he awoke
The sea was calm
And another day passes like a dream
1. The Lemonheads - The Outdoor Type

While the rest of the artists on this Top Ten are bone idle Brits (with the exception of comatose Canadians Moxy Früvous), the laziest man in rock has to be American "Slacker King" Evan Dando. This could well be my favourite Lemonheads song, in which Evan confesses his lethargic credentials...
I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend
What if something's on TV and it's never shown again?
It's just as well I'm not invited, I'm afraid of heights
I lied about being the outdoor type

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  1. Hi Rol, good list again, but I suspect the sins might start to get a bit more difficult from here on...

    Love Sunny Afternoon and Lazy Sunday (nice choice of quote from that one too :-)

    Some suggestions:
    Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon - Queen

    Taking the Rest of the Day Off - Neil Finn

    I would also suggest Couple of Days off by Huey Lewis, but technically he is not really slothful in that one - he wants the days off cos he is working so hard.

    Couple of Days off - Huey Lewis

    1. You'll always get extra marks for mentioning Huey Lewis, Deano, and I can't believe I missed mentioning that Queen song. Good work on the Neil Finn too. (As to the Lazy Sunday quote... would you believe I wrote this post before reading your recent post featuring that same song?)

  2. Nat King Cole: "Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer"

    1. Ooh - cross-referencing between posts. Very good.

  3. First thought Matt Bianco, Get out of your lazy bed.

    But I've been singing Ole Man River since I read the list and I wonder if I'm confused with Lazy River by my favourite Louis but I just think Ole man River makes me feel Lazy.

    1. Ole Man River certainly fits the mood... as does Moon River, come to think of it.

  4. Very good...some small contribution is David Byrne on Express 2 (?) with Lazy...if I could be bothered to Google it I would...

    1. Good call. For some reason, that's missing from my record collection, but I do like it despite its dance origins.


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