Sunday, 15 January 2017

January #5 - Joy (x4) To The World

5. The Housemartins - Joy Joy Joy Joy

So, here comes the second in a new feature I'll call "Songs My 3 Year Old Son Can Sing". I've been listening to this old Housemartins b-side a couple of times in the car last week. Imagine my surprise when, after putting Sam to bed on Friday night, we heard him singing over the baby monitor...
I know the devil doesn't like it 
But it's down in my heart 
Down in my heart
Down in my heart!
Joy Joy Joy (Joy) - the fourth Joy was left off the track listing, poor thing - was one of a few a cappella gospel covers the Housemartins recorded back in the day. It was originally released on the Think For A Minute EP, but more recently reissued on the deluxe edition of their debut album London 0 Hull 4. There's another cracking (yet VERY different) track from that EP I may well feature here soon...

It's hard to think of any other "indie" band - then, or now - who would or could record such a thing, but that's what made the Housemartins so unique. And great singers all: listen to those harmonies!

Surely you can spare one minute and forty three seconds to let a little Joy into your heart?

Don't Paul, Stan, Norman and Dave look so young in that photo? Remember when we were all that young?

Oops, sorry. this post was supposed to bring you Joy...


  1. I'm afraid there's only one thing I like about the Housemartins and that's their ornithological name... however, I must add that the thought of your three-year-old singing those lines (along with "smash the system!") does indeed bring me joy (joy). More from this series eagerly awaited!

  2. I quite like the Housemartins and am impressed that you are educating your boy in the correct manner

  3. LOVE The Housemartins! Your boy is getting a great education :)

  4. Yes they do look young in that photo but then so did I when I went to see them in 1986 along with The Proclaimers as their support act. That was right at the beginning for both of them and both went on to great things. My original album doesn't have Joy x 4 but great that your little boy has cottoned on to it. Sadly at around the same age my daughter and her friends took to singing Sex Bomb by Tom Jones in the nursery playground - There was a conversation with the teacher!

    1. Yes, I always take extra care not to play F- Tha Police whenever he's in earshot.

  5. I like the way these comments build from someone who doesn't like the Housemartins to someone who quite likes them to someone who loves them...To someone who stalked them since their original gig. ;-)

    I appreciate the varied opinions of my readers more than you will ever know!

  6. Excellent junior choice! When mine was three, he used to bounce around the room to The Cardigans and James Brown. Oh, and the theme from The Monkees, which he still sings now (we have to do the Monkee walk down the road sometimes too). The past twelve months, at six, have been all about Bowie for him, particularly Space Oddity, Life On Mars, Changes... I tried to introduce him to Pixies in the car and was told "No, I just want to listen to David Bowie."

    1. That seems fair enough. I can't imagine appreciating the Pixies at 6.


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