Thursday, 5 January 2017

January #9 - The Summer's Almost Gone...

9. Tindersticks - Hey Lucinda

Probably not the best time to be posting an end-of-summer tune, but I can't resist this one from the latest Tindersticks album, a duet between Stuart Staples and the late Lhasa de Sela, who sadly died in 2010 shortly after the vocal was recorded. Haunting is one of those adjectives I overuse on this blog... but damn it, you come up with a better one...
Hey Lucinda, you come out drinking with me tonight
Yeah, we could face and dance

I only dance to remember how dancing used to feel
And I wake up every morning to find you waiting for me


  1. Fabulous. Last year I was fortunate to see the band perform the whole album in front of a big screen showing short films to accompany each song.

    1. Envious. Never got to see the Tindersticks. Probably missed that boat now.

  2. I got a severe dose of melancholia at the end of last summer and ended up posting songs that reflected my mood - This is excellent but also is full of melancholia. (Think it harks way back to school days when the long summer holidays were over, we were back at school and only cold weather to look forward to!)

    Very sad about what happened to Lhasa.

    1. Yes, another one gone too soon.

      This has reminded me now of my favourite end of summer track. I might have to post that next week.


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