Thursday, 13 April 2017

April #7 - Rosie Wears A Pretty Dress

My sister used to have a sofa just like that.

7. Rosie Thomas - Pretty Dress

Another recent discovery which I owe to Whispering Bob. Described as "neo-folk" by the same type of people who go out of their way to over-pronounce the usually silent 'l' in the word folk. Plus, she's on Sub-Pop, so the musos will have to cock an ear.

Rosie comes from Michigan, is friends with Sufjan Stevens, and does stand-up comedy as well as singing and songwriting fine tunes like this one. Very Joni Mitchell, with a little bit of Kate Bush, and a third ingredient I recognise but can't quite place. Pretty Dress comes from her 2005 album If Songs Could Be Held, which is an awful title in no way indicative of the subtlety and sincerity of her tunesmithery. It's the classic tale of the gawky girl who wants to grow up into a princess, with a little Red Riding Hood imagery thrown in to suggest a darker ending than usual to this kind of song...

Put your red coat on and walk with the light in the woods
If it gets dark don't get scared
There's so much waiting for you
Cover up your ears and don't show them
'Cause you're much better than them


  1. I'm getting a little hint of Aimee Mann. Is she your missing third ingredient Rol? I have a couple of Rosie's songs scattered around my hard-drives and at least one of her albums somewhere in this house. Very nice indeed.

    1. Aimee wasn't the one I was thinking of... I'm still thinking. I can hear what you mean though, particularly as I've been listening to Aimee's new album just this week. More on that soon.

  2. I've a couple of her albums - one a charity shop job

  3. Replies
    1. That's a definite charity shop win. Even / especially in Pitlochry.

  4. Regina Spektor as the third ingredient?



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