Thursday, 6 April 2017

April #9: The Best Thing I've Heard This Week

Someone told me a story the other day about why The Hold Steady weren't releasing new albums at the moment, and why Craig Finn was solo. It sounded plausible enough: it actually sounded like the plot of one of Finn's own mini-widescreen indie movies set to song. I don't know if it was true so I'm not repeating it here. It doesn't matter, the solo albums are pretty damned brilliant. Much better than the last Hold Steady album, as it goes. Finn is a born storyteller, and nowhere is that more evident than on this cut from his brand new record, We All Want The Same Thing. It's kind of the title track, and it's far more blatantly a story-song than anything else on the album. Hell, two thirds of it are just Finn talking, telling that story.

But what a story. Best thing I've heard this week.

9. Craig Finn - God In Chicago


  1. Never listened to The Hold Steady (indeed I thought Craig Finn was part of Crowded House).

    Gave this a listen. Found it strangely intruging. Didn't really like it though when he started singing....liked it again when he back to speaking. Guess I found out why I haven't listened to The Hold Steady!

    But I can see why he/thet attract fans.


    1. I think his voice is an acquired taste, but that could be said about so many of my favourite artists. I wouldn't really have expected it to be your bag, JC, but thanks for giving it a try.


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