Sunday, 30 April 2017

My Top ∞ Radio Songs #5: Brand New Nostalgia

5. Strand Of Oaks - Radio Kids

Another reason this feature is infinite is that people keep writing and releasing new radio songs all the time. As Martin pointed out in the comments of the first post, it's hard to believe anyone will ever write as many songs celebrating the magic and romance of Spotify (although Karen O does mention it in her song Capsize). 

I took a flyer on the new Strand of Oaks album recently knowing nothing about them. The band is mostly the brainchild of Timothy Showalter and he's supported Jason Isbell, Iron and Wine, and Ryan Adams, though he's a bit rockier than any of those guys. I really like this track, the first single from the album, and it does seem Showalter misses the glory days of radio as much as I do...
Remember how it felt to listen
Fumbling to press record
Strangest voice I've heard before...
This is a song about hearing that amazing new song that changes your life forever, then glueing yourself to the radio to catch its next play. Except maybe that's something we've lost forever...
I wanna get it back
I wanna get it back
I'll never get it back I know
So play it, play it loud on the radio

I'm feeling sorry for myself
I'm feeling pretty old
At least I had that song
At least I had that song
On the radio


  1. Radio Kids has a memorable guitar riff, but the album as a whole underwhelmed me a bit, when I listened a few weeks ago.
    However Strand Of Oaks' previous album HEAL (2014) I enjoyed, which felt more personal, and about half the tracks I connected with.

  2. There's nothing else on the album as good as this.

    Not heard HEAL: will try to check it out.

  3. Whilst not one for me musically, I certainly related to the lyrics - as well as the spillage of cassette innards in the video....
    The times I used to spend with my finger poised on the Record button of my cassette deck when taping John Peel (one time memorably getting out of step with myself, ending up recording all of John's intros and outros but not a single song!)
    It must feel different now for those who've never grown up with that sense that so many things could be fleeting.

    1. The easy availability of everything makes nothing special anymore.


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