Thursday, 27 April 2017

April #1 - I'm Not Here Today...

...instead, I'm over at JC's place, compiling my first Imaginary Compilation Album about The Magnetic Fields. What an honour. Pop over and say hello, why don't you?

Oh, and if you happen to have travelled in the opposite direction thanks to JC, then thank you. Welcome. Pull up a chair, grab your headphones. Stick around if you've got the time. Say hello. You might find something of interest in the last few posts. Honest. I haven't written about Billy Joel in weeks...


  1. Noticed that yesterday - Well done. As for The Magnetic Fields, only discovered them recently when you suggested Long Vermont Roads for my America series.

    Hope you're not going to stop writing about Billy Joel though - Everyone tells me to keep being true to myself, so I do, but I am a little genre all of my own I think!

    1. Don't worry. I will always be true to Billy.

  2. Thanks for the piece Rol. It went down very well with everyone.



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