Sunday, 18 June 2017

June #5: A Few Words From Alan...


Just finished reading the above Booker Prize contender, whch made me LOL on a number of occasions. (Of course I'm using LOL ironically. Just like Alan.) Two of my favourite quotes follow...
"I try as far as possible to keep my radio show apolitical but teachers really are blithering scum, and whatever they disagree with, I agree with."

"In 2008 I spotted Haddway in a hotel steam room. I strode over, introduced myself and said I wanted him to sing on a jingle I'd written. The sessions went badly, and it was only when I visited the same hotel and saw him dredging the pool that I realised he wasn't Haddaway, just a man who worked for Jurys Inn."
I could, of course, play you some Haddaway after that, but I do have some standards. Instead, here's Roachford... with thanks to Jez.

"Your fog lamps are on! There's no fog!"


  1. I loved this, I listened to the audiobook. Hilarious

  2. that made me laugh out loud.


  3. Saw this book on a Waterstone's table on Saturday but didn't purchase - think I will do now after reading this. The whole of Alpha Papa made me LOL.


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