Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Randy Tuesdays #9: The Runners Up

Not The Village People.

And so we reach the penultimate Randy post, and - as has become traditional - I get to count down the runners up. Thanks for your suggestions... a couple of which I hadn't considered at all.

10. Randy Jackson

No, not the Randy Jackson I featured last week. Not the one from The Jacksons. An entirely different Randy Jackson who I came across higher in the rankings on google after searching for last week's RJ.

As well as being a former judge on American Idol, Randall Darius Jackson has worked as a bass player, backing singer and producer with a wide range of acts - from Journey and Boston to Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul. He's also worked with Keith Richards, The Divinyls, Madonna, Jean-Luc Ponty... and, in the early 90s when the E Street Band were having a rest... he played bass for Bruce. Click the link for one of my favourite Randy Jackson basslines... no surprises.

9. Randy Rhoads

Former Quiet Riot guitarist who then hooked up with Ozzy. Might not be your thing, but dude can play guitar.

8. Randy Howard - Suddenly Single

Cheesy 80s country balladeering which probably didn't improve this particular Randy's romantic prospects.

7. Earl Jean - Randy, You're Quite A Guy

The Cookies were a short-lived r 'n' b trio in the 50s who went on to become backing singers for Ray Charles (The Raelettes). A new version of the band was formed in the early 60s featuring Earl Jean McCrea, younger sister of original Cookie Darlene. Earl Jean also recorded a couple of solo singles (minus her surname), including the Goffin / King composition above. I have this track on a Cookies compilation, but I didn't know it was actually released as a solo recording until today. Well, you learn something new...

6. Randy Brecker

I can honestly say I'd never heard of The Brecker Brothers until The Swede suggested this guy. Further investigation is definitely required.

5. Randy Scruggs

Son of legendary bluegrass banjo picker Earl Scruggs, this particular Randy followed his pop into country music, working with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Waylon Jennings and Emmylou Harris, among others.

4. Randy Travis

Arguably the most successful and famous of the runners up. Much as I like country music though, I've never really been drawn to Randy Travis. A bit too slushy for me... plus there's the whole driving naked while intoxicated thing to take into account.

3. Randy Jones

Thanks to Alyson for this one. I can honestly say I never knew any of The Village People by their first names... but I think I'd like to...

2. Randy California

Founding member of California rockers Spirit, who may or may not have "inspired" Jimmy Page to write Stairway To Heaven. Their Orwellian single 1984 was banned by American radio in 1970 for being a bit too political. C suggested this one.

1. Randy Bachman

For a while there, Smashie & Nicey may have killed You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, but I think enough time has passed for us to now reassess this as a classic. Randy was the lead guitarist and songwriter of this hugely successful Canadian rock band (even though they only had one hit in the UK). The lead singer, Mr. Turner, was called Fred. (Fred Mondays, anybody?) Sadly, there was no one in the band called Julian Overdrive.

There we go. Only one Randy left. That must be obvious now, surely? (No, Swede, it's not Randy Fuller of The Bobby Fuller Four. Sorry.)


  1. Randy Weeks of solo and Lonesome Strangers fame?

    1. Erm... no.

      Maybe this one is only obvious to me!

  2. A great round up of the lesser known Randys - All my 10 Randys have now been covered as this post has mopped up those remaining in my "blogging notebook". Looking forward to which song you will pick for next week now - I will admit that my Top Randy would have been of the Crawford variety but the one left would have been a very close second.

    1. I'll admit, I'm surprised that I've covered all your ten. I honestly thought if anyone would have my final Randy on their list, it'd be you, Alyson.

    2. I have obviously worded this comment very badly (the problem discussed earlier this week in another thread) - I absolutely know who your final Randy will be so I have counted him already as one of the 10. Purely now looking forward to which "song" you will pick. Bit like with Kenny, I think we all knew who the final one would be, it was just which song would you pick!

    3. Phew - that's a relief!

  3. I can't think of any other Randys (several of those already listed were unknown to me too) so I'm sure it will be a new one on me. I'd like to think it was Randy from My Name Is Earl performing The Lollipop Guild... maybe too much to ask!

    1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m1yYyduJKMuYUn7qNFxwOPeJ2ZE0DgrVcw

  4. Hell of a Randy roundup. I don't know the last Randy, but I'll bet it's a country star. Lots of Randys from that genre. Unless it's someone I'm forgetting, I'm ready to crown Randy Newman king of the Randys.

    1. Not a country star. Bit more MOR. And yes, Newman is still the king.

  5. Having just read everyone else's comments, am I living in a parallel MOR universe that no-one else has visited? Sometimes I do think so but a fine universe it is.

  6. My money was on Randy Travis, though C's suggestion had me cursing myself for overlooking it. Looks like Alyson's the only one who's sussed your No.1 Rol. I'm gonna kick myself I know.

  7. Aha... I've just thought of another Randy! Yes! And he would fit the bill.... I won't say it now but the name just popped into my head for no reason at all... can't say I would even recognise any of his music although Mr SDS tells me I would probably know one particular song if I heard it. Now of course you'll never know if I'm telling the truth but I'm placing a bet with Mr SDS that it's the one. Will let you know next week if I win that bottom dollar.
    TS - yes I think you will kick yourself!


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