Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Randy Tuesdays #8: The Most Insane Thing You'll See Today

OK, confession time. When I started this feature, I had EIGHT definite Randies... and a whole load of potentials. Posts #1 - 7 and #10 were the ones I was certain I HAD to feature. The others... I'm still not sure who the other two should be.

So this morning I sat down and went through the list of remaining Randies and having listened to music featuring all of them, this is the Randy I chose...

8. Randy Jackson

Mainly because of the video to today's featured song, which I'd never seen before, but it is utterly, utterly insane. If you think Michael only developed his messiah complex around the time of Earth Song, think again. The video to Can You Feel It? must make Jarvis Cocker's backside twist every time it gets played on youtube. That said, being someone who likes utter, utter insanity (I'm a Jim Steinman fan, after all) I found it very entertaining. And Can You Feel It? is a great song, so why not? Your mileage may vary.

Steven Randall was the youngest boy in the Jackson clan. That's him stood behind Janet (his only younger sibling) in the photo above. He wasn't in the Jackson 5, but replaced Jermaine when the band moved from Motown to Sony and Jermaine chose to stay behind. At 16, he co-wrote Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) with Michael, the band's biggest international hit... which surprised me, because Show You The Way To Go, Blame It On The Boogie, and the song below are all a lot bigger in my mind.

Randy could apparently play more instruments than any of the other Jackson boys, presumably because by the time he came around, Mummy & Daddy Jackson knew they were onto a good thing with those darn kids, so Randy was taught piano, guitar, bass and congas while still in the womb.

After the Jacksons finally called it a day in the early 90s, Randy formed another short-lived band that I won't name here because it features some very bad pluralised spelling.

I'll shut up now and cut to the crazy shit:

Yes, that does look like Russell Brand. Scary, isn't it?

All of which leaves me with one Randy left to fill. Remember, #10 is already set in stone. He's not that big a name, but those regularly confounded by what I laughingly call my "taste" in music will probably be able to work out his identity. Therefore, your suggestions / recommendations for Randy #9 will now be gratefully received. I'll try and count down the runners up next Tuesday.


  1. Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive? Randy Brecker of The Brecker Brothers? Randy Fuller, brother of Bobby of The Bobby Fuller Four? Have we had Randy Travis yet? I'll kick myself when I find out.
    That Jacksons clip really is quite is bonkers.

    1. Couple there I hadn't thought of at all... couple more that were definitely on the list. Randy Travis was a whisker away from being this week's Randy... but none of his videos were as mental as this one. Not even the one of him being arrested for driving naked while over the limit...

  2. Ooh, watching that video makes me feel like I must've just eaten a dodgy mushroom. Well weird!
    The Randy I was thinking of was Randy California from Spirit...

    1. That Randy will definitely show up next week.

  3. Yes, like being inside a lava lamp, inside an '80s computer game but I still like the song. The Osmonds had Little Jimmy coming along behind and the Jackson 5 had Randy, but very different young lads by the sound of it.

    I didn't make the effort with the Kennys but I did with the Randys and 6 overlaps so far. Think I know who No. 1 will be so here's another not mentioned above so far - Someone who used to dress up as a cowboy. Yes it's Randy Jones from the Village People!


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