Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Top Ten Lauren Bacall Songs

"You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow"

Quite a few of the songs featured in My Top Ten Humphrey Bogart Songs also made mention of his fourth wife and the greatest love of his life, Lauren Bacall. So you might think I'd struggle to put together a Lauren Bacall Top Ten without some crossover. Au contraire...

10. Kevin Roth - Just Like Lauren Bacall
She knew 
Just what to do
When the boys came...
I will hold my hand up and say that I'd never heard of Kevin Roth until very recently. Iffypedia doesn't tell me much about him either, other than he's "is an American folk singer and Appalachian dulcimer player who has released forty-five albums".

FORTY-FIVE ALBUMS? Dude needs a bigger iffypedia page.

9. ABC - Love Conquers All

 Another of Sheffield's greatest pop bands...
When Bogart saw Bacall
He knew that love conquers all
8. Alabama 3 - Wade Into The Water

Time for your baptism... Alabama-style.
I got as drunk as Bogart, you were just smokin' like Bacall
7. Kitchens of Distinction - When In Heaven
Imagine what could happen after this drink: I'm wearing wings
Join Lauren Bacall, float up to heaven's gate
Wearing danger smiles. She'll meet with the stars
They'll break down doors
Those shining pearls float off in space
I'm raving beautifully
Well, you're definitely raving, Patrick.

6. Pavlov's Dog - Mersey

Smoothy 70's AOR. You can't beat it.
And all the other times
That I wished that you were here
And everything went crazy
When my head filled up with beer
I played that I was Bogart
And that you were my Bacall
And everything just shattered by curtain call
5. The Clash - Car Jamming

Meanwhile, Joe is certain he saw Lauren Bacall in a traffic jam. There are worse people to get stuck behind.

4. Thea Gilmore - Movie Kisses

Poor old Thea, such a cynic...
Here it is
The not-so-happy-ending
We've done
Our picket fence defending
We did Bogart and Bacall and now the spotlight's gone and anyway
All those movie kisses just last too long
3. The Wedding Present - You Jane

I doubt this will be the last time we'll hear from David Gedge in this particular series...
There’s really no need to explain
He’s Tarzan and you’re Jane
He’s Bogart, you’re Bacall
I’m sure he has it all
2. The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Hit The Nail On The Head

Another forgetten gem from the greatest decade.
I can tell you're from down south
The way you say ya'll
You look at me over your shoulder
Just like Lauren Bacall
1. Jesse Malin - Wendy

One of Jesse's very best. (And he'll be back again tomorrow with another one.)

Wendy took me with a smile
Country lips and Bacall style
Through Tangiers or to Bombay
Her self-portrait in the USA

    Which one makes you want to whistle?


    1. They really were magical together (despite the age difference) so not surprised there were so many songs - Well done you.

    2. Excellent
      Love Jesse Malin but The Clash would have to be my number one
      Can I offer up Easy in Love by Eleanor McEvoy

      Like Bogey and Bacall
      Scarlett and Rhett
      A little like Romeo and Juliet


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