Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Glorious 10th


This is my new monthly feature, stolen  from the guys at WYCRA who aren't using it anymore (with respect and the encouragement of a number of former WYCRA readers).

Following on from my WYCRA tribute Top Ten Goodbye Songs, the most obvious place to start was with My Top Ten Hello Songs.

I decided to do this once a month, and it made sense to do it on the 10th day of every month, hence 'The Glorious 10th'. So you have up till the 10th of September (or just before) to leave your suggestions.

Here are the rules...

1. You can suggest as many songs as you like that are called Hello, but they have to be called JUST Hello and nothing else... so you can't have Hello Goodbye or Hello, I Love You, and you can't have songs that feature Hello prominently in the lyrics, such as Pop Song '89 by REM. Sorry.

2. There are a few exceptions to Rule 1. You are allowed a repetition of the title word: so if you know any songs called Hello Hello or Hello Hello Hello, you can suggest them. You are also allowed songs which included parentheses: so if you know a song called Hello (I Hate You) or (I Just Called To Say) Hello, they would be allowed too... as long as every other word in the title is inside the brackets. I will also allow plurals: Hellos; and punctuation: Hello!? Chances are none of these rules will help you this time, but they may in future. Mis-spellings probably won't be allowed unless I really, really like the song. Sorry, Noddy.

3. If there are a number of versions of the same song, I may not pick the original. If you guess the right song but not the right artist, you'll get half marks (1 for first to guess, half for everyone else).

4. You will be allowed a maximum of 10 guesses, since I only have ten songs. I'll count your first 10, after that no points will be awarded.

5. Points will be awarded thus:
  • 1 point for every song in my Top Ten you correctly guess.
  • 2 points for being the first person to guess that song.
  • 3 points for guessing the song's position in my Top Ten.
  • 5 points for guessing my Number One song and correctly identifying it as such.
  • 1 bonus point for any song I have in my collection which I couldn't squeeze into the Top Ten.
  • 1 bonus point for any new songs you suggest which I like.
  • Points will be deducted for really bad suggestions (i.e. U2).

Over to you...







4. If anybody gets Number 4, I'll give you 10 points.




Good luck.

Here's the best song that wasn't allowed...

And finally, just in case there was any doubt about it: yes, I will go there.

Hello, I must be going...

P.S. I just noticed that Jez finally brought The Chain late last night. Must be something in the air.


  1. Here's one. "Helllo" by Terry and Gerry. Any version will do.
    I see you are discounting Hello Walls (by Faron Young) but I do think it's such an awesome country song that an exception should be made. Or can I try and convince you that the song is really Hello (Walls) ??

    1. I can't deny the excellence of Hello WAlls, but rules are rules (except when I break them).

  2. Well, off the top of my head, I can only think of three 'Hello' songs and one of those I'm not going near on the basis that if we ignore it, it might go away.
    D.R. Hooker's 1972 wigout 'Hello' is one that I feel might fall outside your top ten, but the Oasis song of the same name has got to be in the top five surely - not at number 4 though apparently. I'll go for No.3.
    My wild guess is that No.4 is not a song at all, but is a spoken word intro between a DJ and John Lennon on 'The Beatles On Air Live at the BBC', it's 19 seconds long and entitled 'Hello!'

    1. Does anything ever really go away just because you ignore it?

  3. Ah great! Glad you've decided to go with the monthly thing. Of course all I can think of now is Lionel Richie and Adele, but I'm not sure either of them would be in your list, so I'll be back with other suggestions (hopefully! in due course....

    1. One of those came surprisingly close. The other... well, I did leave a clue at the end of the post which everyone's chosen to ignore so far.

    2. If you will go there, then it's one of them, and I don't like Lionel Richie and that song at all, so I don't want to suggest it, even if you do! Adele, though, well it's a classy number. So I'll plump for that. Let's say No. 7.

      Now an appeal for help - I used to own a 12" called, I think, Hello Hello (and that was the chorus) - must've been late '80s, and I think the band were Australian. I think they had a name like The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, that type of 'phrase' name, or maybe it was just a descriptive name with fewer words, I just can't remember. I think it was the only thing I ever heard by them, they didn't become well-known. It is now bugging the hell out of me and I can't find it anywhere with so little to go on. Stupid thing is I loved it at the time, so how come I've forgotten who it's by? Any ideas?

    3. Yay! I've got it. Something Happens (that's the name of the band I mean). They weren't Australian, they were Irish. Could it be in your Top 10? Go on, I'll put it in there, at No. 5!

  4. Does "Hello, Hello" by Talk Show count?

    I was going to say Oasis and Lionel Richie, but I see Mr Swede's done 'em already.

    1. Look at the rules (I know, I know, they do go on a bit). You're allowed to suggest songs already suggested by other people.

      One of those will get you a mark.

    2. I am very old and easily confused.

  5. Replies
    1. OK... so what are the first 6?

    2. 1 - Lionel
      2 - Shakespeare's Sister
      3 - Adele
      4 - Beyonce

      That's it

    3. Blimey. The sheer unpredictability of my awful taste in music really is that staggering...

  6. Shakespears Sister - Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
    Oasis - Hello
    Adele - Hello
    Lionel Richtea - Hello

  7. Oh no, it takes a day for me to get a notification over at Wordpress that you've posted something so late to the party. I think I was better at Randy Tuesdays than I'll be at this, and I also think you would know if I resorted to Googling (which would be all too easy).

    I will therefore also have to go with:
    Adele - Hello (No. 8)
    Lionel R - Hello (No. 10 - Although like others, don't like it. The video did spawn a lot of very funny parodies though so almost worth it for that).

    Shame that the brackets in Hello, This Is Joannie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song) came too late in the title.

    1. It won't always be just one word, and the rules won't always be so restrictive. I think this feature will gradually evolve away from its stolen roots till it becomes something else...

  8. Just thought of another (without googling honest) - Won't be in your Top Ten but Take That have a song called Hello on their Circus album and I've always liked the sound of little Mark Owen's voice. Others (as CC would say) might disagree.

    1. Mark Owen is my favourite member of Take That. But that doesn't mean you get any points.

    2. 'Little' Mark Owen. I love that, Alyson - will add that to the list that started with 'little' Ronan Keating! :-)

    3. In reply to C - It does sound as if I'm being a bit "size-ist" doesn't it, but not at all. They are both still cute and adorable as far as I'm concerned and I always refer them (and a few others) this way!

  9. In no particular order:

    Lionel Richie
    Erykah Badu
    Lil Wayne
    Hello Hello by Elton John & Lady Gaga
    Hello Hello by Talk Show
    Hello Hello by Bic Runga

    1. Oh, and Shakespear's Sister. Do I get an extra point for correctly mis-spelling Shakespear?

    2. Who'd have thought there were so many Hello songs out there...that I'd never heard of?

  10. Glad you make this monthly competition in the tradition of WYCRA. So here's my suggestion.
    Adele (No. 7)
    Shakespeare's Sister (No. 4)

    That's it for today.
    Have a great time.

  11. Can't resist coming back.... so here's my final attempt at an (incomplete) list:

    Oasis: Hello - 8
    Adele: Hello - 7
    The Beloved - 6
    Something Happens: Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello - 5
    Prince: Hello - 4
    Shakespear's Sister: Hello - 3
    The Rentals: Hello Hello - 2

    Only have to wait a month now to find out I have no points!

    1. Can't believe I forgot The Beloved! And Prince!

  12. That's the great thing about this game. You can enter as many times as you like at no extra cost.

  13. Hello by The Beloved deserves to be number one in any chart

    1. You just like it because it mentions Zippy & Bungle.

    2. Not to mention Cannon & Baal, and Crystal Place and Portsmouth midfield maestro Vince Hilaire

    3. Thank you. I always wondered who Vince Hilaire was.

      Not enough to look it up, mind.

      (If only there were some device, readily available in our homes, that made answering such questions easier...)

  14. As luck would have it I had a reunion last night with friends from our socialising days before we all got married 25 years ago! We took turns to play music from those days and one of us chose Hello by The Beloved - As I now remember it I feel I can include it as one of my choices - At No. 2 please.

  15. Cheers for the mention, Rol. Guess I’d better join in, in that case.

    Obviously, I want to suggest every song from Quo’s 1973 “Hello!” album but I guess that’s not in your so-called “rules”, so instead I’ll have to plump with this lot:

    1. Hello – James
    2. Hello – The Beloved
    3. Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello (Petrol) – Something Happens (I get a bonus point for remembering the (Petrol) bit, right…?)
    4. Hello - Evanescence
    5. Hello – Prince (Smart arse suggestion: this is the Outro to Side One of the Purple Rain Soundtrack, that has to be played backwards)
    6. Hello – Paul Anka (a cover of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, from Anka’s “Rock Swings”, which shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the phrase “Rock”)
    7. Hello – Oasis (although this should be banned for the Gary Glitter bit)

    And three that I’m pretty confident won’t be in your list:

    8. Hello - Martin Solveig Feat. Dragonette
    9. Hello - Stafford Brothers feat. Lil' Wayne & Christina Milian
    10. Hello – Twinkle. (NB: Not the same Twinkle responsible for Golden Lights….saucy video ahoy!)

    Points please! Jez.

    1. As part of my copious research, I did investigate that Quo album in the hope there would be a title track. Sadly, they let me down.

      As to the rest... excellent! You found one nobody else has spotted yet.

  16. Hmm - I will have a go.

    I usually only know about half (if that) that songs on one of your top ten lists, so there is no way I could guess the full board, so I won't bother trying to rank them.

    Hello - Prince
    Hello - Oasis
    Hello - Lionel Ritchie

    The next two are artists I think you might know but if not, worth checking out.
    Hello - The Cat Empire
    Hello - Dan Zanes (children's music was never this good when I was young)

    then one I very much doubt you will own, but its inoffensive pop.
    Hello - Merril Bainbridge

    then my idiot of the week moment, I was sure that in the Doors "Hello, I Love You", the "I love you" part was in parenthesis, but it turns out I was wrong, so good thing I didn't suggest that one

    Not sure I have added much to the conversation, but looking forward to seeing the list.

    1. Thanks, Deano: some cool. Suggestions. Whether they'll score you any points... well, that's the question.


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