Monday, 28 August 2017

The Glorious 10th: Hello Update

So we've reached (approximately) the halfway point on the Glorious 10th Hello Challenge: time for a quick update.

So far you have guessed 6 of my Top 10, and one of you (I think) has correctly identified my Number One (though a number of you have guessed that it will be included). Sadly there's no Status Quo (sorry, Jez) as despite them naming the album above 'Hello', they never bothered to write a title track for it.

Anyway, here are some clues for the ones still outstanding...

10. A very angry man who seems pretty sweet when you hear him talking on the radio.

9. A band that were a shadow of their former self after the loss of a key member. Still managed the occasional gem though.

8. A forgotten Britpop band formed by half of a more famous group.

4. The one you won't get because it's so obscure even I hadn't heard of it until I took a shot in the dark. It will be my pleasure to introduce this artist to you on the 10th.

Let's see if any of that helps.


There are 22 artists pictured in the header I created to accompany this feature. How many can you name...?

And finally, here's another great Hello song that sadly I couldn't include in the Top Ten because it wasn't called simply 'Hello'. I can foresee the rules to this competition evolving with time...


  1. Ooh, going to have to do some extra homework now with those clues!
    As for the pics - must admit I was already thinking about this as a bonus when you first posted it so here's what I have (but can't get them all) -

    Diana Ross & The Supremes
    Aimee Mann
    Elvis Presley
    Thea Gilmore
    Johnny Cash
    Billy Joel
    Jarvis Cocker
    Frank Sinatra
    Bruce Springsteen
    Elvis Costello
    David Bowie
    Amanda Palmer
    Joni Mitchell
    Billy Bragg
    Father John Misty
    Sam Cooke

    The most excitement I've had on a Bank Holiday for a long while....!

    1. Well done: only 3 missing, and CC gives us one of them below. One is a band only I like, though I'm sure someone will recognise the beardy bloke at the bottom.

  2. Jenny Lewis - next to the Supremes I think

  3. The Shadows did a cover version of that Lionel Richie song Hello. Surely you don't mean that?

    1. No, I wasn't being that cryptic. But it's good to know you have that in your collection, George.

    2. The Twangy Guitar section in the room, although featuring The Shadows, Bert Weedon and others, does not feature any post-Hank Shads.

  4. I was going to suggest that as well but was beaten to it!

  5. Only one picture left to identify. It would be indelicate of me to give any further clues.

  6. For number 10 - "Hello" by Matthew Sweet. Yes, I'm that desperate I have picked up on the word "sweet" in the clue and ignored the rest of it....

    1. If only I awarded points for ingenuity rather than correct answers.

  7. If you do Goodbye songs, I have an amazing obscurity, one of my desert island discs, which was also penned by father of a close friend and letterer.

    1. Sadly, I already did Goodbye songs... Just before Hello! (I know that doesn't make sense, but I did have a good reason.)

  8. I would never have got this without your clue above, but has anyone mentioned The Seahorses yet?


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