Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Hot 100 Countdown: #79

Bit rushed this week, so my apologies if I race through 79s. Some great suggestions for year-based songs, including...

Charity Chic - Tom Robinson: The Winter of '79

(I'll throw in one of my own at this point: The Ataris - Summer '79)

Lynchie - Smashing Pumpkins: 1979

Rigid Digit - Saxon: Denim & Leather with the following lyrics...

"Where were you in 79, when the dam began to burst?"

Well, you probably couldn't hear the dam bursting if you were listening to Saxon.

And another lyrical one from RD - REM: Ignoreland

"They hypnotized the summer, nineteen seventy nine"

Meanwhile, Alyson offered Elton John: Are You Ready For Love ('79 Version)… except, according to my research, Alyson, this would be '76 Version. If you're aware of a '79 version, I can't seem to find it. But feel free to bring it back 3 weeks hence.

Martin has known me longest though, so wins the 1979 award this week with his suggestion: Veruca Salt - Spider-Man '79. Clue - if there's a song with Spider-Man in it, there's a good chance I'll like it. However... that still wasn't my choice for this week.

The Swede offered the only non-year suggestion this week. And let's face it, if you can't have years, then streets are always a good second best... Humble Pie - 79th Street Blues. Let's be careful out there!

Onto this week's winners then, and from my record collection... still avoiding years wherever possible... it was a toss-up between two songs. The runner-up was this...

Cat Stevens - Sun/C79

Here, the 79 appears to be a room number in a hotel where The Cat had an assignation with a somewhat disreputable young lady.

This week's winner, though, was this, from the eponymous debut album - never bettered - by Vampire Weekend. M79 is a bus route in Manhattan...

78 next week, and a couple of obvious non-year suggestions spring to my mind... one of which I suspect will be very popular with some of the usual suspects... but the other might well be my pick.


  1. Well, I know you like a bit of The Boss, so will take a punt with Bruce Springsteen- Racing In The Street ('78)...

    ...except that seems like a year song and you're looking for non-year suggestions, so:

    Stiff Little Fingers, 78 RPM

    ... and, after an admittedly frustrating bit of Googling in search of a half-remembered title, with no idea of the artist:

    Rich Mullins & A Ragamuffin Band - 78 Eatonwood Green

  2. Vampire Weekend is an excellent call Rol. As for next week, how about '78' by Omni?

  3. Sorry for being pedantic (but then again it is my middle name - no not really) but I think the YouTube person got that one wrong as the song was recorded in '77 in Philadelphia but not released until '79 as part of the Thom Bell Sessions EP. It was subsequently re-released in 2003 after, wait for it, being part of a successful advertising campaign and got to No. 1 in the charts. Wasn't even a contender anyway as a year song, but am getting stuck with some of these numbers.

    As for 78 - Only the Gomez one comes to mind.

    1. Pedantry is always welcome here. I should know not to believe youtube over you.

  4. Gomez - 78 Stone Wobble
    Bring It On was (is) a fine album - not greatly moved by later output

    Manic Street Preachers - Montana/Autumn/78
    Manics often did great B Sides (is this one of them?)
    Barry Manilow - Summer Of 78
    (Barely Manenough? Mandy Bandylegs ?)


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