Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Kenny Wednesday #5: The One & Only

Time for a bit of Chesney. No, not that one...

5. Kenny Chesney - American Kids

On my shelves of contemporary country artists, which are growing faster than they used to, Kenny Chesney doesn't take up as much space as the rebellious bad boy, Eric Church; the polished pop pretty boy, Blake Shelton; or The True King of Contemporary Country: Brad Paisley. In fact, I only have a couple of Kenny Chesney records and I don't like either of them enough to go out and buy his whole back catalogue (as I did with the three named above). Sometimes he can be a bit too country even for me, other times the big ballads veer too close to a redneck Michael Bolton. But I wouldn't turn him off if he came on the radio... not that he ever does in the UK.

American Kids is one of his best, and not just because it references both Springsteen and Mellencamp. It's good driving music because it makes you want to roll the windows down and bask in the deep south sunshine... even when you're in rainy Huddersfield.


  1. The only man with a hat on my shelves is the great ( early stuff that is) Dwight Yoakam
    Eric Church shows some promise though

  2. Yep the only Chesney I was aware of was of the bird of prey variety. Another Wednesday Kenny that I hadn't thought of for this series. Oh and watching the video it couldn't look more different from where I am right now so the windows are staying firmly shut - Quite good though in that stetsony kind of way.

  3. I'll be interested to know, once I get to #10, who I've missed out.


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