Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Kenny Wednesday #7: King Kenny

7. Kenny Anderson (a/k/a King Creosote)

I have to admit, when I started this Top Ten, I didn't immediately think of King Creosote. It took Charity Chic to give me a gentle reminder that his real name is Kenny Anderson. One of the reasons KC didn't immediately jump to mind is that he's been on my Get Round To Listening To Eventually pile for a while now. That pile's one step over from the Bottomless Wishlist Pile: it's for those artists I've actually got round to acquiring music by... just not got around to listening to yet. Am I the only one who does this? Acquire more music than it is humanly possible to consume? Is it a sickness? Why can't I set myself some ground rules: don't buy any new records until you've listened to all the ones you've not listened to yet? Would that be so hard?

The weird thing is, I actually own more songs by King Creosote than I do by Kenny Loggins, Kenny Wells and Gerard Kenny put together. Bloody hell - I better start listening to some of them.

Well, I've done just that. And they're pretty good. But as I've just discovered King Creosote has released over 40 records, it may take me a while to work my way through the rest. Thanks for that, CC.

I've chosen the following track because I have cats and first thing in the morning, when there's furballs on the kitchen table, urine on the floor and a very bad murder in the litter tray, I often want to jump on at them. Plus, it makes me smile. (The song, not the litter tray.)


  1. Yes I'm guilty of the very same crime. I discover an artist, purchase everything I can by them and before I've listened to it all, I'm off to the next thing. That's the joys and perils of the internet for you. Not the case with King Creosote though, Kenny's one of my very favourite artists. I've accumulated a lot of his stuff over the past 15 or so years, but in reality I'm only scratching the surface of what he's put out. The quality is invariably very high too. He's well worth devoting a big chunk of time to Rol.

  2. I recommend from Scotland with Love and Diamond Mine in particular Rol
    But as the Swede says a consistently good standard for one so,prolific


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