Friday, 10 March 2017

My Top Ten Bad Day Songs

Ironically, today has been a very good day. I took my son out of pre-school and we had a boys' day out. There was ice cream, ducks, sculpture an enormous tower (bigger than the Eiffel Tower, it turns out, and only about 20 minutes from home).

Anyway, I wrote this one last week. So if your day hasn't been as good as mine, here's ten songs to help you feel better... and no Daniel Powter!

10. Blur - Bad Day

I'm not sure early Blur has aged that well. But I never was particularly baggy...

Still better than anything Oasis ever did. 

9. Coco - Bad Old Days

Yes. I put this in here just to piss off Damon Albarn.

Look - Cheryl Baker!

Before Bucks Fizz!

With another Eurovision entry!

Which bombed!

Shame? What's that?

(Nothing personal if you're a big Blur fan. I was once. But Damon just annoys me these days.)

8. Okkervil River - My Bad Days

Probably the most depressing song on this list. But if you're having a bad days, that's probably apt...

7. Space - Bad Days

Space 1997: when they could do no wrong. 'Why do bad days last forever and ever?', asks Tommy Scott.

6. Shirley Lee - Good Days & Bad Days

Spearmint's Shirley, from his 2011 double solo album Summer Spring Winter Autumn, before he got the band back together. Always worth a listen.

5. Kasey Chambers - On A Bad Day

Lovely Aussie country, with Lucinda Williams on backing vocals.

4. The Charlatans - Bad Days

Great song from The Charlies' 2008 album You Cross My Path: sounds like The White Stripes meets The Cure. I'll play this one for Charity Chic who snoozed and lost on the Charlies front this week.

3. Darwin Deez - Bad Day

Don't get on the wrong side of Darwin: he'll wish you unwell...
I hope that the last page of your 800 page novel is missing
I hope that it rains if you leave the window down on your red Mustang

If you drop your keys I hope there's a sewer somewhere very nearby
I hope that your team lost, I hope your new girl takes off with a new guy

And I would like to be your girlfriend so I could dump you
And I would like to be your garbage man so I would never have to pick up your trash again
2. The Flaming Lips - Bad Days 

An anthem for the everyman... courtesy of a band who are anything but. 
You're sorta stuck where you are
But in your dreams you can buy expensive cars
Or live on Mars
And have it your way
And you hate your boss at your job
Well, in your dreams you can blow his head off
In your dreams
Show no mercy!
1. R.E.M. - Bad Day

Classic REM. It wasn't officially released until 2003 as an extra rack / single on a Best Of, but the roots of this song go back to the band's earliest days. A version was originally performed in 1985 when the media and the president were obviously in need of a kicking. Although as time goes by, you almost wish Ronnie would come back...

A public service announcement followed me home the other day
I paid it nevermind. Go away.
Shit so thick you could stir with a stick- free Teflon whitewashed presidency
We're sick of being jerked around
Wear that on your sleeve

Broadcast me a joyful noise unto the times, lord,
Count your blessings.
We're sick of being jerked around
We all fall down.

I hope one of these made your day a little better...


  1. Thanks for that Rol
    And thanks for featuring the great Kasey Chambers

  2. Fond memories of Bad Day by Darwin Deez, a witty, underappreciated tune.

  3. The phrase "... and no Daniel Powter" provided re-assurance from the start.
    REM at Number 1 - absolutely agree

  4. Replies
    1. Possibly. They did some good things after that was finally released, but possibly not great.

  5. Not only one of them, Rol. Thank you

  6. I do actually have that Daniel Powter song in my music library but wait for it, not by Daniel but by Alvin and the Chipmunks! The perils of a master database shared by all members of the family. Your time will come!

    A great choice at No.1 and yes, fond memories now of Ronnie.

    1. I don't actually dislike the Daniel Powter song. I just don't own it. If it came on the radio, I wouldn't turn it off.

      I might turn it off if it was sung by chipmunks though.

  7. No Carmel?

    Good choice for #1.

    Just glimsped at that Eurovision entry. Another that I can't recall anyhing of. Which is a blessed relief in this instance.

    And is it really 20 years since Space? Oh my.......


    1. Somehow, my record collection is Carmel-less. But that was lovely, so I suspect it won't be for much longer.


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