Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Glorious 10th: Welcome To..

We're back (a little earlier than advertised, but I wanted it still to be the 10th).

As promised, I'm changing the rules this month to make things a bit more interesting / easy / difficult / different from the WYCRA feature I ripped off. (In the back of my head, I still hold a tiny hope that the WYCRA gang might one day return, and if they did, and wanted to resume their brief of getting everybody to suggest one word song titles on a Saturday morning, I don't want to have used them all up).

This month's Glorious 10th challenge then is to find ten songs with the words 'Welcome to...' in the title. Some of them will be obvious. Some of them will be obscure. Some of the really obvious ones won't make the ten at all. Points will be allocated thus...
  • 1 point for every song in my Top Ten you correctly guess.
  • 2 points for being the first person to guess that song.
  • 3 points for guessing the song's position in my Top Ten.
  • 5 points for being the first to guess my Number One song and correctly identify it as such.
  • 1 bonus point for any song I have in my collection which I couldn't squeeze into the Top Ten (the 'long list').
  • 1 bonus point for any new songs you suggest which I like.
  • Points will be deducted for really bad suggestions (i.e. U2 or Oasis), or anything that gets me sacked for watching the video at work, Jez.
The only thing you can't have is albums called Welcome To... (unless there's also a track called that on said album). With that in mind, you can't have the track below, although it is a belter: from Welcome To The Beautiful South.

Good luck.


  1. Welcome to the Terrordome. No. 6.
    Welcome to the Pleasuredome. No. 2.

    Well, it's a start.

    1. Neither of which I would have expected as your starting place...

  2. 'Welcome to Feeling' by Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop at No.8
    'Welcome to My World' by Jim Reeves at No.5
    'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' by FGTH at No.4
    'Welcome to the Working Week' by Elvis Costello at No.3
    'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns 'n' Roses at No.2

    1. I was always like a 5432 prediction, but then bottling it on the Number One.

  3. Yes it's Welcome to the Pleasuredome from me too - No. 4. Too late to look for more tonight but will return.

  4. Perversely, I have to say that I hope "Welcome to My World" by Jim Reeves will NOT feature in your Top 10.

    I'll go for
    4. "Welcome to the Occupation" - R.E.M.;
    5. "Welcome To The Dead Zone" - Manic Street Preachers
    8. "Welcome To The Machine" by Pink Floyd at 7.
    10. "Welcome to My Nightmare" - Alice Cooper

    BUT - Welcome to the Real World - Mr. Mister
    AND Welcome to Wherever You Are" - Bon Jovi will NOT feature in your Top 10!

    1. I can honestly say that two of those I have never heard in my life. Not necessarily the two you might think though.

  5. Screwed up the numbers on the Floyd track. I'll go for 7.

  6. Elvis no 1
    Welcome to the Cheap Seats - The Wonderstuff - number 2
    Jim Reeves no 3 (a Hospital radio favourite)
    Frankie no 4
    REM 5
    Alice Cooper 6
    Manics 7
    Welcome to Paradise - Green Day 8
    Welcome to Hell - Plan B - number 9
    Welcome to the New Year -Ballboy - number 10

    1. I'm presuming you mean Costello. There is a Presley song that would fit the bill...

      One of your other guesses would get you half a point.

  7. As I did so badly last time, am going to throw everything I can think of into the mix and hope something sticks! In other words...

    1. Welcome to the working week - Elvis Costello
    2. Welcome to the pleasuredome - FGTH
    3. Welcome to the occupation - REM
    4. Welcome to the cheap seats - The Wonderstuff
    5. Welcome to the jungle - G'N'R
    6. Welcome 2 the dawn - Prince
    7. Welcome to the room, Sara - Fleetwood Mac
    8. Welcome to the real world - Mr Mister
    9. Welcome to sleazy town - The Kinks
    10. Welcome to England - Tori Amos

    And bubbling under the top ten...

    Welcome to the dead zone - Manic Street Preachers
    Welcome to the machine - Pink Floyd
    Welcome to my world - Dean Martin
    Welcome to my nightmare - Alice Cooper
    Welcome to the club - Sammy Davis Jr
    Welcome to the real world - ABC
    Welcome to Japan - The Strokes
    Welcome to the black parade - My Chemical Romance
    Welcome to the world - Cheap Trick
    Welcome to hell - Sum 41
    Welcome to the music - Bread
    Welcome to the universe - 30 Seconds to Mars
    Welcome to London - Oxide and Neutrino

    Quite tired now.

    1. P.S. Fully expect to lose every point earned from the previous 22 tracks for adding that Oxide and Neutrino track on the end.

    2. I won't take away ALL your points...

    3. Forgive me, for I have sinned. At the risk of the scoring becoming a bit like QI, a klaxon should probably go off if Bread get mentioned.

    4. I'd rather have Bread than Oxide & Neutrino!

  8. You'll get points for Prince Martin!

  9. Need to ration myself this time - so here's a quick rundown and then I will force myself to walk away!

    1. Welcome to the Working Week - Elvis Costello
    2. Welcome to the Pleasuredome - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    3. Welcome to the Jungle - They Might Be giants
    4. Welcome 2 the Dawn - Prince
    5. Welcome to the Real World - ABC
    6. Welcome to New York -Ryan Adams
    7. Welcome to the Cruel World - Ben Harper
    8. Welcome to My World - Depeche Mode
    9. Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper
    10. Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd

    1. They Might Be Giants did Welcome To The Jungle? I would love to hear that.

  10. Ok - having had a trawl I have at least come up with a few more suggestions than last time. Already mentioned FGTH above but ignore that one now as included here.

    Welcome to the Working Week - Elvis C (1)
    Welcome to the Pleasuredome - FGTH (4)
    Welcome to the Cheap Seats -The Wonder Stuff (6)
    Welcome to the Future - Brad Paisley (9)

    These might be on the long list:
    Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
    Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd
    Welcome to the North - The Music

    You might have this just because it exists:
    Welcome to My World - Jim Reeves (I have it because my mum likes it!)

    Not sure if you'll allow Prince because the to is a 2 - We'll see.

    1. Think you've cracked it with Brad Paisley, Alyson!

    2. Does pedantry beat Prince? That is the question.

  11. I can't believe I didn't remember the Mr Mister one. That's gonna be number 1, surely.

    1. You're not doing anything to redeem yourself.

  12. NEW Contenders (possibly?)

    Welcome To The Whole Week - Stiff Little Fingers
    Welcome To Las Vegas - Brandon Flowers
    Welcome To The Ball - Rufus Wainwright
    Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach - Gorillaz

    Already mentioned, but bound to be on the list (surely?)
    Welcome To The Jungle - Guns n Roses
    Welcome To The Machine - Pink Floyd
    Welcome To Paradise - Green Day
    Welcome to the Pleasuredome - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Welcome to the Cheap Seats - Wonderstuff
    Welcome to the Working Week - Elvis Costello
    Welcome To My Nightmare - Alice Cooper

    1. Definitely some points there that no one else has scored, RD.

  13. Stellar candidates. Costello would be my personal fave. I would add Welcome to My Revolution by Utopia. Grew up a huge fan of Todd Rundgren.

  14. I really need to remember to get here earlier...

    So here's my ten, most of which have already been mentioned, and a couple of others I couldn't spot in the previous comments:

    1. R.E.M. - Welcome to the Occupation
    2. Jim Reeves – Welcome to My World
    3. Green Day - Welcome to Paradise
    4. Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine
    5. Summer Camp – Welcome to Condale
    6. Stephen Rennicks – Welcome to Vetno (from the "Frank" soundtrack)
    7. Public Enemy – Welcome to the Terrordome
    8. My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade
    9. Hot Club De Paris - Hello, I Wrote A Song For You Called ‘Welcome To The Jungle’

    and finally, although it's not a song per se, it is listed as a track on the Alpha Papa soundtrack, so:

    10. Alan Partridge – Welcome to Big School

    Cos that's how I roll.


  15. Has anyone suggested Ballboy's track Welcome to Vaxjo from the album The Sash My Father Wore? If not, I will.

  16. Ballboy also did a song a song from the album All The Records On The Radio Are Shite called Welcome to the New Year

  17. And the crappest suggestion you will get. Welcome To The Show by Barclay James Harvest


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