Sunday, 24 September 2017

Saturday Snapshots #1 - The Answers

Well, that didn't take long, did it?

As you've guessed all the answers, I figured I might as well play the tunes now rather than wait another week...

Points were awarded in the comments. Totting them up here would take too long, but you're all winners in my book. I might have to make it a little harder next week...

10. Coke really is addictive.

The Real Thing - Can't Get By Without You

Pretty self explanatory that one, I hope.

9. These guys certainly take it... for old blue eyes.

Cake - Frank Sinatra

Well, they certainly take the cake.

8. A could-be tennis sister complains that her man's no good with his hands...

Lucinda Williams - Come On

Venus, she ain't. Lucinda explains all in the song.

7. Two guys who should have been MUCH bigger update Turkey.

They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

That's nobody's business but the Turks.

6. Partners who don't like social gatherings... twice.

The Associates - Party Fears Two

Within the hour, they'll smash another cup.

5. Set firm in their Supreme admiration...

Definitely the hardest one this week. Well done to The Swede & Alyson for tag-teaming the win.

The Concretes - Diana Ross

4. Always shelling out, never picking up rice in the church.

Yes, I did change the clue. Originally I'd put "always winning the race", until I remembered that it was the tortoise that won the race, not the turtle. D'oh. The new clue wasn't as good, I admit. As for picking up rice in the church - well, Eleanor Rigby did that. But this was definitely a different girl. She didn't even spell her name the same way.

The Turtles - Elenore

3. Here are the headlines: We Sued Ghostbusters.

Huey Lewis & The News - I Want A New Drug

Huey sued Ray Parker Jr. when he heard the Ghostbusters theme. There are some similarities. They settled out of court and signed a condfidentiality agreement to never speak about it in public. A few years later, Huey did an interview with VH1 in which he mentioned it. Ray sued him back.

2. After the cremation, there was hardly anything left.

Ash - Burn, Baby, Burn

Who knew there were so many Ash songs that would have fit this clue. And I thought I'd chosen the most obvious!

1. A bunch of absolute good-for-nothings who hate sleeping policemen.

What did Edwin Starr say War was good for?

Yes, I boo-booed with the inclusion of Eric Burdon, who it seems wasn't in War when they recorded this track. But this was the best photo of the band I could find on t'internet.

War - Low Rider

More snapshots next Saturday.


  1. Good fun Rol. It certainly got the old grey matter working!

  2. Yes, great fun, thank you Rol. Have you ever compiled/compèred a pub music quiz?

  3. Great fun indeed - thanks for being such an excellent cryptic clue setter.

  4. The Lucinda mystery solved!
    An excellent idea/post


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