Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Neverending Top Ten #1: Show Me The Wonder

Since he was born, I have done my best to introduce my son to as wide a range of music as possible. I've written here before about my Joy, Joy, Joy whenever he takes a particular liking to one of my selections... but I decided I'd like to expand on that. Keep a diary of his favourite songs as he discovers them. I'll probably witter on a bit about fatherhood in these posts too, and tell cute kid stories. It'll lighten the mood in between bouts of middle-aged angst.

As he grows older, I'm sure Sam will reject many of his father's favourites, but at least he'll have heard them. And maybe he'll introduce me to a few new discoveries of his own. As long as he doesn't get into dance music. That is surely any MOR dad's greatest fear.

This is a Neverending Top Ten because I never want Sam to stop falling in love with new musical discoveries. I know I never will.

As he is four years old today, I thought I'd start with this. Four years ago today, at a little after 8pm, my boy entered this world. They had the radio on in the delivery room. This was the first song he ever heard. It will always make me cry.

1. Manic Street Preachers - Show Me The Wonder
Show me the wonder
I have seen the purpose of our universe...


  1. Many happy returns of the day Sam!

  2. A very happy birthday to Sam, and a very happy dad-day to you too.
    Love the idea behind this and it will certainly be interesting to see how your musical selections go down with him, especially as he grows older. I'm sure I've said it here (and elsewhere) before, but I find it hard to imagine ever liking my parents' generation's taste in music when I was first getting into my own. Now it seems the lines are far more blurred; then again, when he gets to a certain age he may want to rebel on principle!

  3. Hope the birthday boy had a great day - There is no doubt he will absorb your musical tastes and add them to his own. My dad loved old MGM musicals - so do I. DD was born to the sounds of George Michael and what turns out to be her favourite club in town? It's called Club Tropicana where they just play '80s music! Left to her own devices it would be alternative rock - all new to me. Enjoy the journey with him as it it will pass in a flash.

  4. I was going to mention the rebellion factor that C highlighted.

    I reckon young Sam will turn into a mid-century Professor Green...a wordsmith like his dad but with tunes his dad hates!


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