Monday, 25 September 2017

The Neverending Top Ten #3: White No Sugar

"Somehow my child knows the chorus to this song and is singing it to himself..."

This was Louise's reaction (via facebook) to the boy's latest favourite. See, I'm not just introducing him to the classics everyone knows... but the classics everyone has forgotten (or never knew in the first place) as well.

Fortunately, Mummy found herself digging Clint Boon's White No Sugar when she heard it, so I think I got away with this one. She even made the trenchant observation that perhaps the Arctic Monkeys listened to Clint Boon a bit while they were growing up. (Trivial claim to fame: Alex Turner studied music at the college where I teach... quite a bit before I got there though.)

3. The Clint Boon Experience - White No Sugar

White No Sugar is from 1999, when the internet was a new and exciting phenomenon. "This is definitely a new revolution!" says Clint. How right he was. My boy, like all his generation, will take the internet for granted. Just as I take television for granted and can't believe that when my parents were kids, all they had was the radio. Who knows what else he'll take for granted by the time he's my age...

Mr Boon: play that tune!


  1. Not heard this before but quite like it and can see how L came up with the Alex Turner connection. Is it appropriate fodder for the nursery playground however? Probably no worse than what was around 50 years ago actually.

  2. She has a point with the Alex Turner comment.

  3. Never heard it before either but yes, I rather like! Indeed, I agree with Louise, the chorus in particular sounds like it could have influenced the Arctic Monkeys.


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