Sunday, 9 September 2018

Saturday Snapshots #49 - The Answers

It's Oh So Quiet on a Sunday morning while we're all waiting for the answers to Saturday Snapshots.

Apparently yesterday's featured some tough ones... well, they all seemed easy enough to me. (But then, they come from my record collection.)

Very close match between Lynchie & Charity Chic, both getting three full correct answers, though Lynchie also gets a quarter point for #7, making him the winner. Martin mopped up the last two, but George deserves extra credit for #5.

10. The Boss finds religion with well stirred rice.

Well stirred RICE would make ERIC.

Religion happens in a church.

The Boss is...

Eric Church - Springsteen

9. Philosopher loses his mill, but not to a girl called May or June.

John Stewart Mill was the philosopher.

After May & June, the lady would be called July.

John Stewart - July, You're A Woman

8. Alpha stretched to link.

Elastic stretches the letter A.

A link is a connection. Rigid Digit got there in the end!

Elastica - Connection

7. Her name isn't Rio but she may still dance on the sand. Whatever the Falklands' capital wants... a burglar dittoes.

Ipanema is a beach in Rio.

The capital of the Falklands is Stanley.

Whatever XXX wants, XXX gets.

A burglar dittoes is an anagram.

Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz - The Girl From Ipanema

6. T-Rex strolls past Hamlet's favourite contradiction.

T-Rex was a dinosaur.

A stroll is a walk.

Hamlet wondered whether "To be or not to be", which in the past tense would be Was or not Was.

Was (Not Was) - Walk The Dinosaur

5. Hang on tight to frozen camping.

The Hold Steady - Chillout Tent

4. My 14th horror - but not always.

February 14th is Valentine's Day.

Horror is often bloody.

Not always = sometimes.

My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

3. Stop me if you've heard this one before... Corn, King or Philippine Pit Viper?

Corn, King and Philippine Pit Viper are all - according to an extensive google search - white snakes.

Stop me if you've heard this one before... here I go again!

Cheese tasted so good in the 80s...

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

2. Barmaid says Cheers! to Dolby after her first spelling lesson.

The barmaid in Cheers! was Carla.

Thomas Dolby.

"Baby" would seem an appropriate word to start your spelling lessons with.

Carla Thomas - B-A-B-Y

1. Reverse double bottom to a school on a French hill.

Look how short those beards are!

Reverse bottom for Top.

The bottom letter of the alphabet is Z.

A school on a hill would be Grange Hill.

In French, that might be...

Possibly Maybe more Saturday Snapshots next week... well, no we'll definitely have something extra special next week for our fiftieth anniversary edition. Don't miss it!


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