Friday, 25 January 2013

My Top Ten Breakfast Menu Songs

Ten songs you might find on your breakfast menu. Don't worry, Supertramp fans, I'll get on to songs with "breakfast" in the title... some other day.

Special mention, of course, goes to Orange Juice, Marmalade and Martha & The Muffins.

I'll dedicate this one to Kelloggsville!

10. G. Love & Special Sauce - Milk & Cereal

Ah, the 90s. So much to answer for.

Unlike most of the songs in this Top Ten, this is exactly about what it says it is.

9. Adam & The Ants - Omelette From Outer Space


New Adam Ant album out this week... and from my first listen, I think it sounds pretty spiffy.

8. Electric Six - French Bacon
And now she's living in a shack on the firing line,
With a fridge filled with French bacon,
Mouthing all the words of a famous mime,
For whom she's commonly mistaken.

I love her, I knew her,
I knew she couldn't hang,
And now she's dying in a ditch on the county line,
From a device of her own making.
7. The Band - Orange Juice Blues

Woke up this morning and all I had was Sunny Delight...

(Not really. I hate Sunny Delight.)

6. James - Coffee & Toast

One of my favourite James songs, frustratingly unreleased except as a bonus download from one of their later albums. They should have made it a single.

Also featured on my Top Ten Coffee Songs, some years ago. Along with Squeeze's Black Coffee In Bed, if you were wondering.  

Coffee & Toast by James on Grooveshark

5. Mystery Jets - Flakes

OK, so it's probably got very little to do with Mr. Kelloggs' greatest invention. But it's a mighty, mighty tune nevertheless. Video's a bit weird though.

4. Tom Waits - Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac With Susan Michaelson)

Tom Waits has eaten breakfast at every joint in town. This is his recommendation.

Extra points for rhyming "tipsy hacks" with "insomniacs".

3. Placebo - Special K

Brian Molko's breakfast of choice. He likes to keep his sylphlike figure.

(What do you mean he's not singing about cereal?)

2. Labelle - Lady Marmalade

Voulez vous coucher avec moi?

(But not if you prefer the All Saints version.)

1. Streetband - Toast

When he grew up, he wanted to be Paul Young. Result! (Except it's arguable whether he ever made a better record.)

Which one will you be ordering this morning?


  1. Dedicated to me :) and I will now spoli it by saying I will be doing 'the Continental Drift' obviously - do the Siiiiiiiid, wiggle your rump. Gotta love Ice Age.

  2. Not so dedicated that you don't still end up in my spam folder.

    I did briefly consider including the old Ginger Rogers / Frank Sinatra / Maureen McGovern / everybody else song: The Continental. Then I thought better of it.

  3. I had no idea that it was Paul Young who sang 'Toast'.

    Two suggestions: 'Milky Cereal' by LL Cool J and 'Egg Man' by the Beastie Boys.

    1. Both sound like they need further investigation... I just bought an LL Cool J greatest hits CD for £1.27 - long overdue!

    2. I don't own any LL Cool J albums but for some reason that song popped into my head as soon as I saw this list. I'd definitely buy a best of for £1.27.

  4. Eggs and Sausage is one of my favorite songs ever. See also the "One From The Heart" soundtrack where Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle perform- definitely a musical Odd Couple.

    Also, not to be a pedant, but it's "gypsy hacks". You would call them minicabs.

    1. Really...? I prefer my version!

      Hey, Tom...!

  5. Prince - Starfish and Coffee. That's how I start my day.

  6. My menu would probably include:
    "Making Toast" -Tim Rogers, followed by some "Crunchy Granola Suite" with Neil Diamond and then Jack Johnson's "Banana Pancakes". Would have of course washed it down with some of the Band's "Orange Juice Blues", but you already have that one covered.


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