Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Top Ten Phone Number Songs (Vol. 2)

Volume 1 featured songs about getting someone's number... this time, it's songs that feature actual phone numbers. Mostly in the title; occasionally, prominently within the chorus.

Start dialling now...

10. Tommy Tutone - 867-5309

A big American hit in 1982... I wasn't in American in 1982. I've never been to America. Maybe I heard Rick Dees or the Emperor Roscoe play it?

9. Hawkshaw Hawkins - Lonesome 7-7203

Hawkshank changes his number when his other half leaves because the only callers he gets are asking for her. He leaves his new number out there though... just in case that special lady ever wants him back.

Hawkshank died in the same plane crash that took Patsy Cline from us. 

8. The Kinks - Long Tall Shorty (424-689)
Well, girls, if you get lonely
Dial 424-689
And your troubles will be over
I'll even give you back you dime
What a gentleman!

7. Squeeze - 853-5937

Could also have made it into my Top Ten Answering Machine Songs, but seemed more appropriate here.

Squeeze were shrunk down to microscopic size to record the video for this song inside an actual telephone.

6. The B52s - 6060-842

Tina finds this number scrawled on the wall of the lady's room. And she actually calls it. Serves her right if Fred Schneider answers. Phew - the number's been disconnected!

5. The Marvelettes  - Beechwood 4-5789

You can call her up and have a date any old time. Alternatively, you could call Karen Carpenter on the same number.

4. AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (362436)
If you're havin' trouble with your high school head
He's givin' you the blues
You wanna graduate but not in 'is bed 

Here's what you gotta do
Pick up the phone, I'm always home

Call me anytime
Just ring: 362436, hey
I lead a life of crime
AC/DC, so the story goes, were sued by an American couple who were getting hundreds of prank calls as a result of "their phone number" being included in this song. But anyone calling was mishearing the lyrics of the song - hearing the "hey" as an "8" to complete the couple's actual phone number.

3. City Boy - 5705

If City Boy were from Birmingham (UK), why were they paying for their calls with a dime?

2. The Glenn Miller Orchestra - Pennsylvania 6-5000

If you don't already consider this a classic, I suggested you watch what it does to Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks...

1. Wilson Pickett - 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)

If you need a little lovin', call up the Wicked Pickett - he'll be there as soon as he can.

Which one will you be calling next time you're lonely?


  1. Not Prince, but nearly: "777-9311" by The Time.

    And the classic "911 is a joke" by Public Enemy.

    1. The Time came close... until I listened to it again... then, not so close.

      911 Is A Joke was in contention, along with Star 69 by REM and 1471 by Arab Strap... but I decided to stick with numbers of actual people rather than organisations / helpines. Maybe one day...

    2. 4 years late to the party...but that was all Prince...except the lead vocals.

  2. ever thought about making spotify playlists out of these posts?

    1. I tried it once but it took too long and was frustrating for the songs that Spotify didn't have.

  3. '(619) 239-KING' by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper.

    1. I should check that out. I like a bit of Mojo Nixon.

  4. The Beautiful South. 0898. I realise that technically its an album, but it's the only one I can offer....

    1. I got very excited when I saw that in my collection... until I realised there was no song that referred to it... unless you count 36D.

  5. I'm sticking on Glen Miller. Great pick.

    1. You even prefer that to the Marvelettes? I have done well!

  6. 867-5309 was what I was looking for


  8. How about Echo Valley 2-6809 by Wayne Newton? The Partridge Family covered it in an episode.


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