Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Top Ten Shopping Songs

Much is being written about the precariously uncertain fate of HMV, and while I'm not the regular customer I once was (partly due to other outlets, partly due to the lack of choice and other issues I have with our only remaining high street music chain) I would be sorry to see it go. Why, I was in there only the other day (before the news was announced), buying the Jake Bugg CD.

Anyway, in tribute, here's ten songs about shops and shopping...

10. Franz Ferdinand - Shopping For Blood

The FF boys channel Iggy Pop. Lovely stuff.

9. Athlete - Second Hand Stores

Maybe this is all we'll be left with soon...

8. Helen Love - Junk Shop Discotheque
Cos my record collection is your summer injection,
Of garage, beat, bubblegum, disco, and soul
7. Dean Friedman - Shopping Bag Ladies

A song that's more about the ladies than the shopping... but what a song! Even the ropey live recording can't rob it of its beauty.

6. Babybird - Cornershop

Another soon-to-extinct institution? They'll all be Tesco Directs and Sainsbury's Locals soon.

5. The Jam - Shopping
As I flit from shop window to window
I'm trying to pick up a friendly bargain
But it's not like the adverts all make out
And there's no one to greet you as a friend
4. The Clash - Lost In The Supermarket

Of course, supermarkets will never replace record shops, caring only about the pile-it-high-sell-it-cheap Top 40 and their bottom line. They have as much interest in music as I have in over 60s naked sky-diving.Still, if HMV does go under, perhaps the independent record shops will strike back...?

3. The Smiths - Shoplifters of the World Unite

 Now, Moz, that's hardly helpful, is it? Even if the owners of Nipper the Dog are one of the many record companies you've fallen foul of over the years.

See also Carter USM - A Nation of Shoplifters.
Well, never mind, never mind.
2. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Shop Around

As a young man, I used to shop around... just as Smokey suggests. Long, pleasurable Saturday afternoons spent wandering around Leeds, popping into all the record shops (and comic shops!), both chain and indie, looking for a bargain. I imagine a similar afternoon would be finished much more quickly these days...

I've always loved this song, but watching the video makes me love it all the more.

1. The Freshies - I'm In Love With A Girl On The Manchester Virgin Megastore's Checkout Desk

Well, it was the only record I could think of about big chain record shops... even if it does namedrop HMV's former rival.

RIP, Frank Sidebottom.

Those were my shopping songs... which one is your must-buy?


  1. Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction?

    1. I could have probably put together a whole Shoplifting Top Ten... what does that say about pop stars? How can they complain people aren't buying their records anymore when they sing about nicking stuff?

    2. Are there any songs about illegal downloading?

    3. Prince probably has a few.

  2. ''You better shop around' I thought it was Brenda Lee but interweb says Its Smokey. Or how about 'I met her in a supermarket' start of common people. Suspect that doesn't fit the rules but have a search for 'people of walmart' always amuses me!

  3. Well, I said it was Smokey too - did you not believe me?

    I've seen the walmart thing before - over on your blog, I think.

    1. My suggestion is in top ten already and you've already seen my 'throw in a crap song' . Today I have mainly failed *hangs head in shame*

  4. A veritable souk of shoppping songs. I think I was HMV's last regular customer...

  5. Shopping Trolley by the superlative Beth Orton...

  6. Please can someone help?A friend,who was a Radio Presenter and loved country music,used to play a song about a young girl going into a shop that has a sign outside saying,"we fix anything,sometimes while you wait"She had gone into the shop to see if a dream could be fixed.I know more of the lyrics if that would help.It's a lovely song but I can't find it anywhere.Can anyone help me please,it's driving me mad not being able to find it.

    1. Hi Susan - that doesn't ring any obvious bells, but if you send me some more of the lyrics I'll try to investigate it for you.


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