Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Hot 100 #73

Looking at the album cover above, you'd be forgiven for thinking Prefuse 73 were a prog act. I mean, how Yes is that cover? Sadly not, they're a dance act. Lovely, if you like that kind of thing, I'm sure.

Number 73 proved to be the most difficult number we've encountered in some time on this feature, with only two lyrical offerings from you guys... though both of them are fine tunes.

The Swede suggested his old favourite Robyn Hitchcock with De Chirico Street...

I was followed home by a seventy-three on De Chirico Street

Whereas Rigid Digit offered the classic Beautiful South hit You Keep It All In...

Just like that murder in 73
Just like that robbery in 62

Excellent suggestions, but I did manage to find a few song title 73s in my own library... firstly from a short-lived British indie band whose guitarist would go on to join Courtney Love in Hole...

Larrikin Love - The Very Sad Ballad of Brutus From Number 73

Next there was this oddity from a Creation compilation, performed by Everett True, the music journalist who allegedly introduced Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love at a Butthole Surfers / L7 gig...

The Legend! - 73 In 83

This week's winner has nothing to do with Courtney Love though. Instead, here's UK chamber-pop artist Felix with a little ditty I stumbled across via the blogosphere a while back. I particularly like the opening lines...

Friday night is the worst night to be alive
Will you help me get out of the firing line?

Next week it's the number of my birth. 72. Long-time readers may think they've got this one sussed, but years are not always my first port of call. Your suggestions are welcome as ever...


  1. I can offer a rule-bending lyrical suggestion off the top of my head, '...I paid fifteen million dollars, twelve hundred and seventy-two cents...' from Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence by Bob Dylan.

    1. Is that $15,001,200.72 or $15,000,120.72? Some confusion there, Bob.

    2. Confusion in Bob Dylan lyrics -who would have thunk it?

  2. I am reliably informed of a one hit wonder by the Delegates called Convention '72... have just given it a listen too.

  3. Nofx - "72 Hookers" - although it sounds like Weird Al Yankovic and the lyrics are woeful.

  4. Turin Brakes - Emergency 72?

    Sorry not been checking in as often of late - busy with home improvements and holidays!

  5. Josh Rouse, obviously. You could happily use the whole album but there's always "she was feeling 1972/Groovin' to a Carole King tune..."

  6. James - 72

    There is so much more to this band than "Sit Down" - creators of consistently fine albums

  7. The return of suggestions from Mott The Hoople's Saturday Gigs
    "In 72 we was born to lose"

    And if that don't work, then there is this (although it's a year again)
    Ballad of Mott the Hoople (26th March 1972, Zürich)


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