Sunday, 29 July 2018

Saturday Snapshots #43 - The Answers

You don't bring me flowers anymore... the least you could do is bring me the answers to this week's Saturday Snapshots. No need to feel Guilty if you didn't get them all right...

Martin was this week's winner, though he needed help with some of the answers from C, FurryBoots and ChrisCharity Chic gets extra points for the detective work involved in cracking #10.

10. Three step Eddie takes an E with a boy cat on the road to death.

A boy cat is a Tom.

Add an e to (Eddie) Cochran and you get Cochrane.

The road to death? Life.

Tom Cochrane - Life Is A Highway

9. Mo Farah heads away from the East End.

Mo Farrah is an Athlete.

Leaving the East End will take you to the Westside.

Athlete - Westside

8. CB airgun endorses Kate's cloudbusting prediction.

Yes, CB airgun is an anagram of Bic Runga.

In Cloudbusting, Kate knew that something good was gonna happen.

Bic Runga - Something Good

7. Made up flowers for the construction industry.

The base of make up is Foundation.

The Foundations - Build Me Up, Buttercup

6. David Ruffin discovers the edge of Stevie's paradise.

David Ruffin was a Temptation.

Steve Nicks sung about The Edge of Seventeen.

Paradise is heaven.

Heaven 17 - Temptation

5. Curling irons cause Sonny & Cher's baby to go missing.

Curling irons cause split ends.

Sonny & Cher sang I Got You, Babe. If their baby went missing...

Split Enz - I Got You

4. I feel my favourite ballads of all time.

I feel emotions. (Well, sometimes.)

My favourite ballads would be The Best Of My Love.

The Emotions - The Best Of My Love

3. When you quit like that, you'll get Cash with one last wage slip.

Johnny (Cash) gets one final Paycheck when he quits...

Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job And Shove It

2. Travel east for E-cigs.

E-cigs involve vapours, for Vaping.

If you travel east, you could be turning towards Japan.

The Vapors - Turning Japanese

1. Lucky boy starts to believe in purification again.

A lucky boy would be a fortunate son.

Believing something involves credence. Water purication makes it clear. Starting again is a revival.

Test your Memory again next Saturday morning...


  1. I found this week's quiz more difficult. Clues were mot cryptic than usual. This is not a criticism, merely an observation. Others may have a different opinion - especially Martin, obviously.

    1. As long as people keep getting them, I know they're not too hard.

  2. I was a bit late for this one (again) but I love the teamwork it encourages when we all get stuck on something.


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