Saturday, 14 July 2018

Saturday Snapshots #41

Some Might Say Saturday Snapshots is getting a little past its prime. To that, I say: Whatever!

Saturday Snapshots will Live Forever! (Or at least until I get bored of it.)

You know the drill. Identify ten artists and songs from the clues below, please. I promise you'll find it easier than Liam finds working that camera...

10. Me. Or my brother. Dumping prison coffee.

9. Come on, sleepy! Have a flat white.

8. Don't let your small part get you down.

7. Elsie Jerkin CEO Charles V.

6. Fraudulent freaks.

5. Devout tripping.

4. Encourage humanity to score in sneakers.

3. Catch the medal for the best Yorkshire harp at the station.

2. Lids A or B or C. Could also be scarlet.

1. A male composer and a painter get into high gear - and that's just the beginning!

Stop Crying Your Heart Out. The answers will be here tomorrow morning.


  1. 3. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - can't get the song.

  2. 1. Bachman Turner Overdrive - it HAS to be "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"!

    7. Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck E's in Love (Damned fiendish clue!)

  3. 10) Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father

  4. 5 Journey - Don't Stop Believing

  5. 9 Matt Bianco - Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed

    I assume you've seen the clip of Matt Bianco on a kids TV phone in? Same thing happened to Five Star a few years later.

    1. No, I hadn't seen that before, but it is very amusing.

  6. 4. Foster The People, Pumped Up Kicks?

  7. 2 is definitely The Box Tops. Unsure of song, guessing The Letter?


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