Thursday, 4 October 2018

My Top Ten We're All Going To Die Songs

A cheery thought to send you on your way this morning. But it's healthy to face up to your own mortality. Here are ten songs that do just that...

10. Slash & Iggy Pop - We're All Gonna Die



A match made in heaven, surely. Who needs Axl?

Could have used some more right-on lyrics though, guys.

9. The Spielbergs - We're All Going To Die

I had to go outside my record collection to find one more track for this Top 10. This chunk of Swedish guitar noise will fit the bill nicely, thanks. It beats Iggy & Slash for lyrical reasons.

8. Everlast featuring Cee-Lo - We're All Going To Die

Everlast's mum was a tough-love kind of lady...

When I was a very young boy,
Mamma told me we're all gonna die
Mamma said son love can't be trusted,
It's just another weakness
We're all gonna die

7. The Bubbles - We're All Going To Die

Nihilistic Bubbles, from Austin, Texas...

All the things that you have ever said
All the people you've taken to bed
All the books that you have ever read
All the papers that you've ever shred

All the cigarettes you've ever smoked
All the times you've ever told a joke
All the people that you've ever met
All the times you've ever been upset

All the girls that ever broke your heart
All the things that you have torn apart
All the music that you've ever heard
All the times you've been at loss for words....

They don't really matter, because....
You can fill in the rest yourself.

6. Candle Thieves - We're All Going To Die (Have Fun)

Another band I thought would be bigger than they actually were. Saw them in support, or at a festival, and bought their CD right there. This was one of their best tracks. Pretty cool video too.

Don’t waste your time cause we’re all gonna die
Have fun, and everybody just clap your hands, yes
Get out of your bed and get your music on
Get out on the street and get some living done
I think you'll probably live beyond the end of the week
You've got enough time left so come spend it with me

Great chat up line that.

5. Club 8 - We're All Going To Die

French indie band tells it like it is...

You can work with aid if you want to be nice
You can move away and even save a life
They can go to school
You can give them food
It's really cool

You can write a poem, you can be a poet
You can dress in black and think of death
You can work with art
You can have a fan
You can start a band
We're all going to die...

All seems a bit pointless when you put it like that, doesn't it?

4. Kasey Chambers - We're All Going To Die Someday

Great slice of Aussie gospel country from the delightful Ms. Chambers...

Well all of my friends are stoned, Lord
All of my friends are stoned
Janie got stoned 'cause she couldn't get boned
But we're all gonna die someday

3. Jonny Cola & The A Grades - We're All Going To Die

A great little indie band from a few years back who only the blogosphere appeared to love. Shame. They have some strong tunes. And I like some of the suggestions they have for crazy ways to go: particularly "hit by a plane... while you're cycling". The Proclaimers would appreciate that.

2. Dawes - We're All Gonna Die

From the album of the same name. Cheery bunch. Although this is a much sweeter song than the title suggests... it's the perfect antidote to all those songs about "oh, life on the road is so tough now we're a famous band".

So try not to get upset
Everything is fine
Hey, it's not that big a deal
We're all gonna die

1. Malcolm Middleton - We're All Going To Die

Released as a Christmas single (and therefore one of the greatest Christmas singles ever released) though apart from having MM dressed as a very bad Santa in the video, it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas...

And what if I don't become
Famous posthumously?
Maybe my story's no good

If I can take one posession
It'll have to be my duvet
When oblivion comes calling it'll be
So cold

Is there anyone still alive out there?


  1. I'm alive Rol and another great compliment to you offering songs to me I never knew before. Hope it takes a long time till my end.

  2. Glad to be alive and to see Kasey featuring

  3. I think I'm correct in stating that all of the above songs were released after 1967, when Country Joe & The Fish released "The "Fish" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag".

    The chorus goes:

    "And it's 1, 2, 3 What are we fighting for?
    Don't ask me, I don't give a damn
    Next stop is Vietnam
    And it's 5, 6, 7 Open up the pearly gates
    There ain't no time to wonder why
    We're all going to die..."

  4. And to add to the cheeriness, there is always Tom Lehrer confirming that We Will All Go Together When We Go

  5. I spent a lot of my Christmas downtime on your Festive Snapshots and remember feeling really chuffed with myself for solving the Malcolm Middleton We’re All Going To Die clue - suspected it would end up quite high on this list. I also suspect you might already be having thoughts re this year’s Festive Snapshots - where the heck has this year gone?

    1. I think I exhausted most of the good Christmas songs last year. Might manage another 10 this year, but I doubt I'll be doing 50 again.

    2. It was an epic effort to find 50, so if you can even find another 10 I'll be impressed. Let's not wish the year away too soon though.


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