Friday, 11 January 2019

The United Kingdom of Song #14: Penzance

We begin our tour around the UK again at the most westerly town in the country, though not (surprisingly) the most southerly. Penzance was the birthplace of actress Thandie Newton and scientist Sir Humphrey Davy, who I vaguely remember from Chemistry lessons. Musically, the only band I could find from Penzance were long-forgotten indie hopefuls Thirteen Senses.

There were, of course, some famous musical pirates from the town... and they crop up in one of the very best Beautiful South songs, The Lure of the Sea.

But Patrick Wolf takes the prize this week... a real class act.

"What a beautiful town!"
I shouted out
Oh, but what a terrifying view
You know I wrestled with my bruised hours
Just to lie there next to you
Deep in the dark heart of the south
Speeding into nowhere

1 comment:

  1. If you don't know the album Cornish Pop Songs by the Hit Parade, seek it out ASAP. A perfect piece of work for your series. Multiple songs referencing the area, including From Paddington To Penzance and Girl From Penzance. A great LP from one of my favorite bands.


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