Monday, 7 January 2019

Take Your Mind Off The Back To Work Blues...

...with a collection of short stories compiled by Martin in aid of the Population Matters charity. A fine selection of tales that are guaranteed to keep you entertained... plus one by me you can happily skip over, especially as you may have read it here on this blog many moons ago.

Seriously though, I have to take this opportunity to thank Martin for giving me the one (and probably only) chance to see a story of mine anthologised in print. I've had plenty of stuff published online, but there's something very special about holding a paper copy of your work, especially when it's been judged worthy for inclusion among so many other clearly far more talented scribes than I.

You can buy a print copy - or download it digitally - from Amazon, should you wish. All proceeds go to a very worth cause.

Here's a few songs that fit the general theme...

10. The Leaves - Too Many People

9. The Hollies - Too Many People

8. Paul McCartney - Too Many People

7. Bobby Goldsboro - Too Many People

6. Blondie Makhene & Amaqabane - Too Many People

5. Melissa Manchester - Just Too Many People

4. Pet Shop Boys - Too Many People

3. Palaye Royale - Too Many People

2. Glen Hansard - Too Many People

1. Unkle Bob - Too Many People

If you're back to work today (as I am), I hope it's not too traumatic.


  1. Excellent top ten, as ever. Especially nice to see the Glen Hansard track in here.

    And you're very welcome, Rol, and your prose definitely deserves anthologising. You were very high on my list of people to invite to submit, and your story in TPWAOT perfectly fits the tone of the collection.

  2. Bought this collection as soon as I heard about it and enjoyed it very much. I did remember your story from here, but it was good to read it again. I was particularly impressed by the titular Petrified World - Food for thought indeed. Shame that our creative juices seem to be leading us along such paths at the moment, but 'tis the world we live in. I have a story myself that could have fitted the tone quite well - Who knows, maybe next time!

    1. Reviews on Amazon (and blogs!) always welcome Alyson :)

  3. Sorry for not commenting here sooner, I'm behind on blogs at the mo. But happy to say I bought the book and really enjoyed it - kudos to Martin and all involved. I loved reading your story again as thought it brilliant the first time round on here, and it really suited the theme.

    Hope you're still finding time to keep writing more. You are very much one of those "clearly...talented scribes" and don't you forget it!


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