Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Top Ten Shotgun Songs

Lots of songs about guns in my arsenal... here's ten that come with a double-barrelled blast.

Special mention to Shotgun Jimmie.

10. Guns 'n' Roses - Shotgun Blues

One of those GnR stroppy songs where Axl gets all sweary and slags off his critics and anyone who ever let their dog crap on his lawn. But not half as good as Get In The Ring. I like the end though. 

9. Sheryl Crow - Shotgun

Sheryl goes country. See also Carrie Underwood - Cupid's Got A Shotgun & Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder & Lead... but Sheryl still shows them both how to shoot it.

8. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Shotgun Blues

I should be against adding artificial vinyl crackle to a song recorded in 2008, but this just sounds so old, nasty and dirrrrty, I can see why they did it.

7. Superman Revenge Squad -  Joe Concedes Ultimate Defeat By Blowing His Face Skywards With A Shotgun

'Nuff said?

Even The Fonz must be afraid of what lies beyond
Even Steven Seagal must wake up in a cold sweat sometimes
Pondering the nature of time...
How it only seems to disappear

One day you're born 
And the next you're hearing voices from the corner of the old folks home
Was that a burglar?
Or something much more sinister?
Like the ghost of someone you used to know?
Maybe an ex-husband or wife, I dunno
But what they're saying is there's no room for you up there in heaven
You did those ouija boards when you where young
And you brought one or two records by Iron Maiden
6. Carole King - Smackwater Jack

A superb gunslinging western showdown between Smackwater Jack and Big Jim The Chief (not to mention Carole King and her lyrical partner Gerry Goffin), possibly my favourite song from Tapestry... I love a good story.  
You can't talk to a man 
With a shotgun in his hand
5. Elvis Costello - Shot With His Own Gun

Possibly not about a shogun, though it does have both in the title.Wonderful early Costello song though with some amazing piano playing from Steve Nieve.
On your marks, man, ready, set
Let's get loaded and forget
4. Roy C - Shotgun Wedding

Roy C gets marched up the aisle by an angry father when "the baby makes three". Later covered by Rod Stewart, who no doubt has been threatened with similar reprisals once or twice in his life.

3. Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie

Willie Nelson with a shotgun is one scary prospect... especially if he's sitting around in his underwear.

Written, according to iffypedia, "on the empty packaging of a sanitary napkin while in the bathroom of his hotel room."
Well, you can't make a record if you ain't got nothin' to say...
I dunno about that, Willie... have you heard the Top 40 these days? (Token "sad old man" comment for this week.)

2. Billy Idol - White Wedding Pt. 1

There was a moment when I considered making this Number One. I do love me some classic Billy Idol. And you can't beat the bit in the video where he's singing with a tea towel on his head. Plus, without Billy, we probably would never have had Spike, my favourite character from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Also interesting to see Dexys, Tracey Ullman and the cast of Flash Gordon among the wedding guests. Billy certainly had some interesting friends. Then the bride starts wrecking her lovely red MFI kitchen with her bad dancing and Billy drives a motorbike through a stained glass window. Videos were so much more interesting in the 80s. (Bonus "sad old man" comment for this week.)
Hey, little sister - SHOTGUN!
1. Jr. Walker & the All-Stars - Shotgun

Classic Motown, with a cool Hammond organ and Walker's amazing sax playing. Doesn't get much better than this.

Which one gives you both blasts?


  1. Totally with you on Billy Idol. About to start reading his autobiography. I bet he even writes with a snarl.

  2. second I read the title I started to sing 'White wedding' and was surprised it was only number 2 when I got there but your number 1 is head and shoulders above it. Great Video. Great list.

  3. It's a bit of a stretch, but I tentatively offer Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra, on the admittedly flimsy basis that two bangs could imply a double-barrel...

  4. I'm with Martin on this one, and if not Billy Idol...


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