Friday 27 February 2015

My Top Ten Spock Songs

There are some cultural icons who will never / can never / should never die. For my generation, and the one before it (and many of those who followed), they are our living legends.

I already posted one Top Ten today, but I guess that's lost to history now. There are some I have to write - and post - immediately. It's only logical.

RIP Leonard Nimoy. Live long and prosper in our memories. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

(Special mention to Spock's Beard.)

10. Leonard Nimoy - The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Let's start with the man himself, and possibly his most infamous musical moment. Derided in some quarters but still more watchable (shorter, at least) than any of the Peter Jackson movies. It's not the best song he ever recorded - he does a really nice version of Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town that's almost up to Kenny Rogers' standards - but the video is out of this world.

9. William Shatner - You'll Have Time

 It seems only fair that having heard from the great man himself, we also hear from this guy. I'm of the opinion that Shatner has recorded a great many fine records (don't worry, I'm on tablets), but this seemed most appropriate today...
Live life like you're gonna die...
Because you're gonna!
8. The Firm - Star Trekkin'

You probably ought to have been 15 in 1987 to appreciate this one.
It's life, Jim
But not as we know it...
7. Adam & The Ants - Friends 

Adam is a friend of Mr. Spock... and a bunch of other people too.

6. Old Gray - Vulcan Death Grip

A very nice noise, introduced by a famous soundbite from the man himself.

5. Paul Gilbert - Mr. Spock

Paul Gilbert used to be Mr. Big. But don't hold that against him. This is a great little spock-rock song.

4. Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk?

Spock pulls them through.

3. Nerf Herder - Mr. Spock

Of course, strictly speaking, a nerf herder is from another galaxy, far, far away...
You don't want a boyfriend...
What you want is Mr. Spock!
2. The Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
If you try to knock me, you'll get mocked
I'll stir fry you in my wok
Your knees'll start shaking and your fingers pop
Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock
See also Sneakin' Out The Hospital, where Adam claims to be smarter than Spock. Never!

1. Supertramp - The Logical Song

Well, it had to be, didn't it? In the end, it was the only logical choice.
When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
A miracle, 
Oh it was beautiful, magical.
And all the birds in the trees, 

Well they'd be singing so happily,
Joyfully, playfully watching me.
But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible,
Logical, responsible, practical.
And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
Clinical, intellectual, cynical.

Those were my Spock songs. Which is the logical choice for you?

My Top Ten Pretender Songs

Every now and then I do a Top Ten where the Number One is so obvious, I wonder why I'm bothering. Let's all pretend we don't know how this will end up (although we can start taking bets on which version I pick) and focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Special mention, of course, to The Pretenders. If only they'd done an eponymous song...

10. Alisha's Attic - Pretender Got My Heart

You know I'm struggling to fill out the 10 song remit (it does occasionally happen when I set myself these challenges) when I end up stealing songs from the Bridget Jones soundtrack. But I used to dig Alisha's Attic back in the day, and it was either this or Out Came The Wolves... which might have been a bit too loud for some of you (though probably not Kelloggsville's other half).

9. Dr. Dog - The Pretender

When I first heard Dr. Dog's name, I assumed they'd be a hardcore rap act. Actually, this is quite a mellow little American alt-rock tune... I've no idea what it's all about, but it's got some cool guitars and nice harmonies. And it goes a little bit mental at the end. All good.

8. Joe Purdy - The Pretenders

Delicate Americana... the sort of thing Chris Martin nicks his best ideas from. Doesn't appear to be a tribute to Chrissie Hynde & co.

7. Kate & After - The Pretender

I now very little about Kate & After, and the internet isn't a big help. Not even sure how this one ended up in my collection... a free magazine CD? Anyway, I think they're Swedish (the lead singer's called Lindquist) and this appears to be from their 2012 debut album. Pretty cool.

6. Madonna - Pretender

This sounds very tinny compared to the lush (over-)production on much of her later work, but it holds a special place in my heart even though it's a bog standard pop song that I wouldn't even give a second listen to if it was recorded today by... I don't know, Miley Cyrus. But I was 12 when Like A Virgin came out, and though I didn't buy the album till years later, that was a very impressionable time.

Plus, Madge needs our love this week after that tumble at the Brits. 

5. Jackson Browne - The Pretender

At his best, Jackson Browne sounds like the great meeting between East & West... the Eagles meet Springsteen. Very classy song that uses up just about every rhyme you can imagine for the title word.

4. Foo Fighters - The Pretender

In which Dave Grohl takes on Benedict Cumberbatch in riot gear. I think. And then somebody opens the elevator doors from The Shining. (Watch the video.)

3. Beautiful South - Pretenders To The Throne

A great "lost" Beautiful South single, never featured on any of the band's studio albums, this sees Paul Heaton leaving your town because it's dragging him down... but where will he end up? A lot of famous cities are name-checked, along with a cheeky mention for Heaton's place of birth...
Is it Dublin with its culture and its wit?
Madrid with its market square?
Paris with its bustling cafes?
Or Hull with its musical flair?
That's almost as classy as when Jeff Lynne managed to crowbar his hometown (Birmingham's Shard End) into ELO's All Over The World...
London, Hamburg, Paris, Rome
Rio, Hong Kong, Tokyo,
LA, New York, Amsterdam,
Monte Carlo... Shard End
2. First Aid Kit - Master Pretender

From my favourite album of last year. More about that here, in case you missed it.

1. Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender

It takes something to record a better version of any song than Roy Orbison did... but Freddie managed it. One of the first singles I remember buying, this is camper than a winter of discount tents and very possibly his finest non-Queen moment (although Bryan & Roger have tried to reclaim the performance under the Queen banner as part of their latest cobbled together cash cow). In many ways, it's one of the most honest performances of Fred's career... and he looks pretty damned cool without the moustache...

We're all great pretenders... can you pretend to be interested enough to leave a comment?

Sunday 22 February 2015

My Top Ten Pretend Songs

Let's pretend there's actually someone reading this blog. What's your favourite pretend song?  

(N.B. No "Pretender" songs allowed (no matter how great)... they'll get a separate list. I'm nothing if not thorough / anal.)

10. The Tindersticks - Let's Pretend


9. The Bens - Just Pretend

When Ben Folds, Ben Kweller and Ben Lee teamed up... what else where they going to call themselves?

8. Elvis Presley - Just Pretend

There'll never be anyone quite like Elvis...

7. Eels - I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart

Classic Christmas Eve heartbreak. Not a Christmas song though, I promise.

6. Magnetic Fields - Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits

How's that for a chat up line? Cheeky old Stephin Merritt.

5. Terrorvision - Pretend Best Friend

Ah yes, Bradford's finest. Always good to hear some Terrorvision again.

4. Cinerama - Let's Pretend

Having been dumped by (another) girlfriend, David Gedge sends her her stuff back in a box...
So here are your things
Starting with a pair of earrings
And I just bet
This is your Corrs cassette
Or is he just pretending he's not a closet Corrs fan himself?

3. MGMT - Time To Pretend

MGMT imagine being rock stars in a song inspired by their recently deceased preying mantis. You can't make it up, can you? Hilarious lyrics and the video is like some kind of Dali-esque nightmare.
We'll choke on our own vomit and the will be the end
We were fated to pretend
Neil Hannon and The Divine Comedy did a cool cover of this one too.

2. L7 - Pretend We're Dead

Famously the song that caused lead singer Donita Sparks to take her pants off while performing live on The Word back in 1992. Very exciting when I was 20. And it was a feminist statement, so it was OK for me to rewind the video...

1. R.E.M. - World Leader Pretend

Weird how the Top 3 bands are all abbreviations. (Let's pretend that's an interesting observation.)

From Orange, the album where R.E.M. were on the verge of world domination themselves. Seems so long ago now, doesn't it?

Let's pretend you're going to leave a comment...

Thursday 19 February 2015

My Top Ten Tongue Songs

Mind if I slip you the tongue... or ten?

10. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Black Tongue

 Karen O believes in gender equality when it comes to insults...
Boy, you just a stupid bitch,
And girl, you just a no good dick
Not to be confused with Black Tongue by Mastodon which makes Karen's lyrics sound like a Hallmark card... or Silver Tongue by Zulu Winter, who (like many bands) steal their best video ideas from David Lynch and the Coens.

9. Civil Wars - Tip Of My Tongue

Just delicious. Wish they hadn't split up.

8. Mary Gauthier - Slip of the Tongue

Mary regrets getting caught up in the moment and saying something she didn't quite mean...
When I said, "I love you"
It was a slip of the tongue
Love is more than a feeling
It's a way of living everyday
It's the hardest thing I ever gave away
7. PJ Harvey - This Wicked Tongue

So my favourite PJ Harvey album is now 15 years old. Where does the time go?

6. Frank Turner - Hold Your Tongue

Tender acoustic heartache from the rock-punk rebel, with a bitter aftertaste...
Hold your goddamn tongue
You forget yourself.
How could I be the one
If you're wrapped round someone else?
5. REM - Tongue

Don't remember this being released as a single - but Monster had so many great tracks. The rule with Michael Stipe lyrics is that I don't even try to tell you what they're about. Just go with the organtastic groove.

4. Jack White - Trash Tongue Talker

In which Jack White auditions for a guest spot on Jerry Springer. He can talk that trash with the best of them (and Karen O).
Oh well, your mama was a bastard
Had your plastered face all over the scene
You got hassled by your daddy
Always pushing, trying to make you come clean
Apparently the video was directed by Gary Oldman... but as it's a live performance, I guess he didn't have to do much more than show up and tell Jack to get on with it.

3. My Life Story - Sunday Tongue

One of the great lost bands of Britpop, and this was only a b-side, so I was extra pleased to find it on youtube. I wish Britpop was remembered more for bands in the literate/glam Pulp/Suede vein, like MLS, rather than the poshboy pretenders and northern neanderthals...    

2. Talking Heads - Sugar on My Tongue

David Byrne cops off with his neighbour and she performs various acts of a metaphorically culinary nature that get him so excited he asks his friends round to watch.

See also Speaking In Tongues by The Arcade Fire... also with David Byrne (though he doesn't get all that much to do.)

1. Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

The divine Ms. Lewis finds herself faced with a sleazy chat-up line as this song begins - from a shoe repairman at that!
I went to a cobbler
To fix a hole in my shoe
He took one look at my face and said
"I can fix that hole in you."
Luckily, she's more than capable of dealing with this creepy cordwainer and goes on to deliver another classic story song about dropping acid in Dixie and meeting a man with soft hands (unlike, presumably, the cobbler) to soothe her pain.
To be lonely is a habit
Like smoking or taking drugs
And I've quit them both
But man, was it rough

So... which one makes you stick your tongue out like Gene Simmons?

Sunday 15 February 2015

My Top Ten Lean On Me Songs

Ten songs asking you to lean on me? Is that possible?

Turns out to be easier than it sounds. (I didn't even have to resort to Limp Bizkit.)

So lean on me... but not too hard. Remember my back!

10. Keith Richards - Eileen
Eileen... would you lean on me?
You see what Keef did there?

Yeah... man. That's, like, yeah...

Great guitar, though.

9. Dan Tyminski - The One You Lean On

The (singing) voice of George Clooney in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, Dan Tyminski is anything but a man of constant sorrow.

8. J.J. Cale - Lean On Me


7. David Bowie - Suffragette City
Don't lean on me man, 'cos you can't afford the ticket...
Would have placed higher in the list if it'd been more on target... but I could hardly ignore one of Bowie's best.

6. Harry Nilsson - Lean On Me

Harry Nilsson's 1977 album Knnillssonn was due to be his comeback. After rupturing his vocal chords during a wild night of drinking and debauchery with John Lennon a few years earlier, his voice had suffered on subsequent recordings. But it was back on top form by the time of Knnillssonn and his record company were up for promoting the heck out of it. Then an artist on the same label sadly passed away just as Knnillssonn was due to be released... and the promotional budget went on flogging Elvis Presley's back catalogue to the grieving masses.

Poor Harry: he never had much luck.

5. Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Lean on Me, I Won't Fall Over

Smashing anti-suicide anthem from Jim Bob and Fruitbat...
I didn't want to be so dozy, darling
I should have promised you a rosy garden
And told you life is sweet, stick around and enjoy it
Flush that stupid nonsense down the toilet
And lean on me I won't fall over
4. Beth Orton & Terry Callier - Lean On Me

In the late 90s, Beth Orton recorded an EP with 70s soul/jazz legend Terry Callier, including this gorgeous take on Callier's own leaning composition. Their voices just go so well together.

3. Red Box - Lean On Me (ah-li-ayo)

Let me ask you a few questions...
Are we happy, are we scared?
Are we shouting never heard?
Are we running, running brave?
Are we fighting, making waves?
If you answered yes to these questions, chances are you grew up in the 1980s. Red Box have now released three studio albums: one in 1986, one in 1990... and one in 2010 (which was a big hit in Poland). 

2. The Housemartins - Lean On Me

Everyone always goes on about how The Smiths threw away some of their greatest songs on b-sides (How Soon Is Now!!!) but Paul Heaton did the same with his original band, The Housemartins. I'd always assumed this was a cover version. Turns out when I read the sleeve notes that it is a Heaton original, written "on the spot as a filler" with Pete "18 With A Bullet" Wingield, and so good it ended up making its way onto their debut album. While it's not quite in the same league as today's winning tune, it's still an amazing recording. (And, as Martin said while commenting on my last post, we all need a little more Housemartins in our lives.)  

1. Bill Withers - Lean On Me

No prizes for guessing my Number One. A timeless soul classic originally released when I was one month old. Withers appears to have retired from music making in the late 80s, but I guess he still dines out on this song... and all its many, many successful cover versions.

Which one would you lean on?

Thursday 12 February 2015

My Top Ten Key Songs

See, I do take requests. (If you'd like to suggest a Top Ten subject, you know where the comments box is.) This one goes out to my old blogging pal Nota Bene who's been having a bit of trouble with his keys lately. Originally, I thought I might split it into two lists: songs about door keys and songs about musical keys... then I decided I'd be scraping the barrel a bit to fill 20 spaces. So they're all mixed in together here.

And if you're wondering where Melanie is... I'm saving her for another Top Ten. (Ditto, The Wurzels, but you might have to wait a bit longer for that one.)

Special mention to The Black Keys, The Mar-Keys and Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key of Life.

10. Buffalo Tom - Skeleton Key

25 years old now. Doesn't sound it. 
You are so crazy
Should be under lock and key
You've got to be the worst thing
That's every happened to me
But I don't get angry
Got my skeleton key
I can open every door that
Stands in front of me
See also Skeleton Key by The Coral... which is ever-so-slightly SCARY.

9. The Charlatans - Love Is The Key

I tried to resist any metaphorical key songs - all the other songs on this list are about musical keys or keys that open locks. But this is really funky, and it's much better than the Urban Cookie Collective. 

8. Jim Noir - Key of C

Sounds like the theme tune to Magic Roundabout turned into a psychedelic indie-pop song. Video looks like it was made by a bunch of 6th form Media Studies students. Therefore: brilliant.

7. Jenny Owen Youngs - Keys Out Lights On

Sultry and smokey, with a lovely bit of trumpet... delicious.

6. Okkervil River - No Key, No Plan

No idea what this one's about, but as with a lot of Okkervil River records, it bounces along like a Barnes Wallis.
I'm a rich young sophisticate, I've got girls and friends.
I'm doing what I really like and getting paid for it.
There is no key, there's no plan; well, I discovered that.
And, truly, I don't think you'll find a happier man.
5. Billie Holliday - I'm Gonna Lock My Heart & Throw Away The Key

What can you say about a song like this? It probably should be number one. But when I'm comparing apples with Fabergé eggs, putting songs in Top Ten order becomes impossible.
I'm gonna park my romance right alone the curb
Hang a sign upon my heart
"Please don't disturb"'
And if I never fall in love again
That's soon enough for me
4. Luke Haines - Rock Opera In The Key Of Existential Misery

'Nuff said?


It's from an album called Nine and a Half Psychedelic Meditations on British Wrestling of the 1970s and early '80s...

Still not convinced?
I've had more women than you've hat hot dinner, sunshine...
First we take Berlin... and then we take Stoke.
See now? I call the over-used g-word. You know, the one that ends in 'enius'.

3. Huey Lewis & The News - Give Me the Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)

I'll happily argue my case that in Fore!, Huey Lewis produced one of the Top Five pop albums of the 80s. But how do you follow an album as perfect - and packed with classic radio hits - as that? Well, the truth is, he couldn't. I have a great fondness for Fore!'s follow-up, Small World, but nobody could claim it to be a great record. And this, the album's big single, isn't fit to be mentioned in the same breath as The Power of Love, Stuck With You or Hip To Be Square. It kind of marks the point where the 80s started to go bad, musically. But I still love it in its own quirky way... and the video is hilariously awful. Huey always did some great comedy expressions.

2. Billy Bragg & Wilco - Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key

Another never-before-recorded Woody Guthrie composition, brought to life by Billy & Tweedy from the Mermaid Avenue sessions.
Ain't nobody that can sing like me...
Too true, Billy.

1. Kathleen Edwards - The Cheapest Key

A great F-u song, possibly aimed at a former songwriting / romantic partner (though t'internet lets me down on revealing just who deserves Kathleen's ire). Definitely one of her best, anyway... and the video's an absolute belter, proving that in a sane world Ms. Edwards would be a star of Pink-like proportions.

I was wondering when a new record might be arriving from one of my favourite Canadians, but iffypedia informs me she's taking time off music to open a coffee shop. Which is great news for the caffeine-fiend residents of Stittsville, Ottawa... but a cold cup of dregs for the rest of us.

See also Copied Keys, another fine record from the divine Ms. E. She wins this one hands down.

Which one has the key to your heart? And which one gets stuck in your lock?

Saturday 7 February 2015

My Top Ten Café / Diner Songs

Fancy coming down the caff?

Specials mentions to Tom Waits's excellent Nighthawks At The Diner (if albums were allowed, as well individual songs, that might have been Number One), Style Council's Café Bleu, and, of course... Sad Café.

10. Saint Etienne - Mario's Café

A cigarette, a cup of tea, a bun... lazy Tuesday mornings spent in cafés, chewing the bacon rind with friends.

9. The Coasters - Smokey Joe's Café

 Lieber & Stoller corker... you better eat up all your beans, boy, and clear right on out!

8. Ryan Adams - Starlite Diner

Ryan Adams arranges a midnight rendezvous at the Starlite Diner (you just wouldn't get a caff staying open that late in the UK)... but will he be stood up?

7.  Hall & Oates - Abandoned Luncheonette

An old couple relive their youth in an abandoned luncheonette. Quietly heartbreaking...
They sat together in the empty diner
Filled with cracked china
Old news was blowing across the filthy floor
And the sign on the door read "this way out", that's all it read
That's all it said...
6. Ray Davies - Working Man's Café

Ray laments the death of olde England now that all our town centres "look like America".
Looking for the working man's café
In the shopping centre of the town
Looking for somewhere to fit in
In among the retail outlets

Bought a pair of new designer pants
Where the fruit and veg man used to stand
I always used to see him there
Selling old apples and pears
Chatting up the pretty girls
With knocked off goods in the van...
5. Keane - Sovereign Light Café

Often damned with faint praise of the "poor man's Coldplay" variety, not helped by the fact that the lead singer looks like a 20 year old David Cameron. But if you can put all that aside, this is a fantastic "you can't go home again" song celebrating the band's hometowns of Battle and Bexhill on Sea, near Hastings. It does, of course, steal all its best ideas from Glory Days era Springsteen, but you won't hear me complaining about that...
Let's go down to the rides on East Parade,
By the lights of the Palace Arcade
And watch night coming down on the Sovereign Light Café

Let's go down to the bandstand on the pier
Watch the drunks and the lovers appear
To take turns as the stars of the Sovereign Light Café
4. Joni Mitchell - Chinese Cafe / Unchained Melody

Joni meets her old friend Carol at the Chinese Café and puts Unchained Melody on repeat play on the jukebox. What an amazing lyricist. This week's contractual "I'm getting older every say" song...
This girl of my childhood games
With kids nearly grown and gone
Grown so fast
Like the turn of a page
We look like our mothers did now
When we were those kids' age
Nothing lasts for long...
3. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner

Suzanne's biggest hit, due to the nasty DNA 90s dance-beat remix that took it to the top of the charts. I, naturally, prefer the a capella original... which youtube tells me was used by the developer of the mp3 as his reference track. Making it the first mp3 ever... apparently.If you can believe anything you read on t'internet.

2. Dean Friedman - The Deli Song

Recorded "live" in a genuine New York Deli (or not), where Dean meets the woman of his dreams at 4 in the morning... but gets interrupted quite a lot by the noisy waitresses.
Hey, Louie - there's a weirdo at table four in the back...
He's singing!
1. The Handsome Family - The Snow White Diner

The first Handsome Family track I ever heard (on a free Uncut CD) and still one of my favourites... although they have done many other great records. Creepy Gothic Americana at its finest...
I am eating hash browns in the Snow White Diner
Outside cars are honking, flashing lights on the bridge
They're pulling a car up from the bottom of the frozen lake

A woman drove her Saturn into the black water
Killed herself and her two kids trapped in the backseat
She'd lost her job and didn't want her kids to be poor

The diner is noisy, black coffee and sugar
Baskets of dinner rolls, outside the crowd is growing
Waiting by the drawbridge, hoping to see the dead woman's face...

Which one's on your specials board?

Tuesday 3 February 2015

My Top Ten Shotgun Songs

Lots of songs about guns in my arsenal... here's ten that come with a double-barrelled blast.

Special mention to Shotgun Jimmie.

10. Guns 'n' Roses - Shotgun Blues

One of those GnR stroppy songs where Axl gets all sweary and slags off his critics and anyone who ever let their dog crap on his lawn. But not half as good as Get In The Ring. I like the end though. 

9. Sheryl Crow - Shotgun

Sheryl goes country. See also Carrie Underwood - Cupid's Got A Shotgun & Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder & Lead... but Sheryl still shows them both how to shoot it.

8. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Shotgun Blues

I should be against adding artificial vinyl crackle to a song recorded in 2008, but this just sounds so old, nasty and dirrrrty, I can see why they did it.

7. Superman Revenge Squad -  Joe Concedes Ultimate Defeat By Blowing His Face Skywards With A Shotgun

'Nuff said?

Even The Fonz must be afraid of what lies beyond
Even Steven Seagal must wake up in a cold sweat sometimes
Pondering the nature of time...
How it only seems to disappear

One day you're born 
And the next you're hearing voices from the corner of the old folks home
Was that a burglar?
Or something much more sinister?
Like the ghost of someone you used to know?
Maybe an ex-husband or wife, I dunno
But what they're saying is there's no room for you up there in heaven
You did those ouija boards when you where young
And you brought one or two records by Iron Maiden
6. Carole King - Smackwater Jack

A superb gunslinging western showdown between Smackwater Jack and Big Jim The Chief (not to mention Carole King and her lyrical partner Gerry Goffin), possibly my favourite song from Tapestry... I love a good story.  
You can't talk to a man 
With a shotgun in his hand
5. Elvis Costello - Shot With His Own Gun

Possibly not about a shogun, though it does have both in the title.Wonderful early Costello song though with some amazing piano playing from Steve Nieve.
On your marks, man, ready, set
Let's get loaded and forget
4. Roy C - Shotgun Wedding

Roy C gets marched up the aisle by an angry father when "the baby makes three". Later covered by Rod Stewart, who no doubt has been threatened with similar reprisals once or twice in his life.

3. Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie

Willie Nelson with a shotgun is one scary prospect... especially if he's sitting around in his underwear.

Written, according to iffypedia, "on the empty packaging of a sanitary napkin while in the bathroom of his hotel room."
Well, you can't make a record if you ain't got nothin' to say...
I dunno about that, Willie... have you heard the Top 40 these days? (Token "sad old man" comment for this week.)

2. Billy Idol - White Wedding Pt. 1

There was a moment when I considered making this Number One. I do love me some classic Billy Idol. And you can't beat the bit in the video where he's singing with a tea towel on his head. Plus, without Billy, we probably would never have had Spike, my favourite character from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Also interesting to see Dexys, Tracey Ullman and the cast of Flash Gordon among the wedding guests. Billy certainly had some interesting friends. Then the bride starts wrecking her lovely red MFI kitchen with her bad dancing and Billy drives a motorbike through a stained glass window. Videos were so much more interesting in the 80s. (Bonus "sad old man" comment for this week.)
Hey, little sister - SHOTGUN!
1. Jr. Walker & the All-Stars - Shotgun

Classic Motown, with a cool Hammond organ and Walker's amazing sax playing. Doesn't get much better than this.

Which one gives you both blasts?
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